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2010 - 2014 Increased pathway. Oct 2014 on.... WOW

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The interesting thing about people living their lives these days is that everyone believes that they must plan. There is little doing as doing does arrive. Looking behind in an effort to plan today. Looking forward in an effort to design what must be done if we think that we must do something based on our idea formed through ignorance, fear and pure humanness.
Following a path is not making a path.
In my over thirty years of marriage I suffered and struggled to endure what was placed upon me; what was demanded of me; what was placed before me as obligation. As if dumb and demanded, placed upon a leash and led right or left, standing or sat, happy or sad.

My Unicorn - Gaia Girl

In several years passed, my attempt was more to follow; not create.
Passing along to you my readers, and to you my Unicorn: In beauty and in honor and in tears of happiness, a shared view of Taoismbeing passed along like a comforting hug around your being. An encouraging look followed by a non-judging look. A holding of hands and thus walking the way, Taoism is viewed;

1. The main principle is the belief in the Tao. This can be difficult to explain in English, but it is essentially the path one must follow in life. It is the natural order of all things and the Tao is considered to be the universal life force or the underlying nature of all things that exist in the world.
2. The key to Taoism is that you must first accept yourself and learn to accept what is going on around you. You must accept both the good and bad parts of your life and flow with the path life sends you on.
3. The Three Jewels (or The Three Treasures) should be behind all the things that you do. Compassion, moderation, and humility will lead you to a path of courage, generosity, and leadership. Be patient and gentle.
4. You should live a natural and simple life. It is acceptable to need time to yourself to just sit and listen only to the voice in your head and not to those around you. This will allow you the time to see the real truth in the world. Eliminate anything that is unnecessary or artificial in your life.
5. The world, and everything in it, is in a constant cycle. The cycle consists of coming into your own being, maturing, and eventually, decaying and returning to the Tao.
6. Everything should follow a natural course and you should avoid any action that is not spontaneous or wu-wei.
7. Be patient and see beauty in everything around you and in yourself.
8. Practice love and restraint. “Do not regard weapons as lovely things, for to think them lovely means to delight in them, and to delight in them means to delight in the slaughter of man.”
9. Be true to yourself and you will be happy.
10. Show compassion for others and honor life.

In a few weeks let us view the author of, "A Book of Five Rings" - Miyamato Musashi

What say you???


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Many seem to ignore 3, 4, 7, 8, 10 when it comes to the animal kingdom.

I've been meaning to read 'A Book of Five Rings' :)

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