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What is the ideal thing that can happen to you in meditation? No thing, nothing happens. Why? And how to attain/embody God.

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All individuals meditating sooner or later aim for the following:

To find themselves in complete oneness in total beingness. With God/Tao.

The endgoal is not silence.

And this statement is beyond comparison of better and worse, above and below.

Silence is achieved much easier than recognizing oneself in a state of complete beingness.

Have phenomenon going on, every starter strives for. Especially opening the Third Eye! Mostly for manipulating and then realizing that you only manipulate yourself. Yes, this tool is great for realizing just that. Lets be honest, everyone starting with meditation wants to be a Psychic. At least here in the West.

While this is all fun and games and an impotant part to understand, it will keep you from realizing the most important key components in meditation: Silence and total oneness. While the latter is no state, it is free from all states and therefor can not be put into words other than this mere attempt.

You raise your energies from the bottom up to the heart, see your psyche expand and then usually one is out of his physical body and explores.

But what does one explore? The mind and it's creation.

Will that bring one to silence? No. A state of infinite bliss, happiness and peace? No. Why?

Because silence is free from all thought. To enter the complete, vast nothingness and realize yourself as it, all thoughts must be surrendered.

I have red from individuals nearly mastering meditation (and thus realizing meditation is our natural state and being in that state 100%) that silence in itself contains BHP (blisshappypeace) but since you are identified with silence and not it, you are literally disidentifying with everything and become a blank canvas. Yes this is liberating in the first moments, but from written experiences, it seems not to be the end goal.

And interestingly enough, this state is not permanent. Silence does not "cling".

These individuals then, yet again, strived for something truly permanent, which we ALL do and ever did. And what is left is total oneness/beingness.

Being in silence helps but since you have so dis-identified with everything, you apparently do not know where to start nor what to search for.

You, are God, in the Universe. You are reproducing creation. A spark of intention arises to realize yourself..

How to go about it?

You start to think again, for you need a concept for what you are looking for. But at the same time, this state of total beingness is funnily beyond all concepts.

And what is this last concept?

Self Inquiry.

The nothingness wants to know itself. It utters "I..." as the first recognition of a Self. The most primal ripple there is after total beingness. Oneness just is. And then the "I" thought, the very first piece of the mind starts to set itself in motion. The first recognition of a process happens: Being in the form of "I am". And then the creation and thus the identification starts as "I am that" etc

But since the mind is recognized as fully impermanent and one wants permanence, one tracks the entire process of Creation back to it's fundamental core of "I am that" into "I am" into "I" and then asks "Who am I?"

This will lead oneself back into what is known as the Spiritual Heart Energy Center.

And then.. then you bask as often in this one, permanent, complete radiance and do it so often that you totally and completely identify with that state, so that it remains when you open your eyes again. For this can happen only with eyes closed, since this world is thought, creation of the mind. The mind has to be fully drawn back in, all creation destroyed/returned back to it's original source.

Since this "state" is free from all states and conditions, because it is achieved beyond the limitations of thought, nothing in this universe can draw you back into its grasp.

This state is our most natural state. And the more one realizes that, the more fuller one embodies it, again.

You can imagine that from this state, you create as a true God. Well it does not even have to be mentioned since in essence all is God, but there is the one difference in truly realizing yourself as such or simply carrying it around as mental concept.

And for your yet existing ego, which then of course no longer exists (since it is formed of thoughts and them you drop completely) you create like a true God-realized being and will be recognized as such, all across Creation. Since it is the highest goal of all goals, in total Creation. And apparently.. the Earth here.. is the #1 prize of the Universal Lottery where you can do this most efficiently. So I suggest putting your time into practice.

You will be able to do all the things you wanted to do in the first place, dont worry. But you merely do it with total overview, for enjoyment and not from a place of "I need that in order to feel better/complete". It is like being guest everywhere and getting served and treated well everywhere you are. A guest is not attached to the hotel, nor the location, nor what he gets served. He is an endless traveller and enjoyer of all experiences possible.

Funnily enough, we came here as such but identified with the hotel, scenery and especially.. the food.

We have very, very few individuals in each generation here on this planet who achieve this state. The louder and fuller this earth gets, the more difficult it is to achieve. And maybe for a true practitioner then even easier, only you can find out.

Self Inquiry Link #1 (book recommendation)

Self Inquiry Link #2 (website)

After reading this, you will need no more information. Can you imagine? All is then said. Only doubt will turn you back searching for more "complete" information. Just to realize that it.. You.. were complete in the first place. A glimpse of endless peace arises...

All the best.




Edit: Removed copyright material. Added recommendation for the actual book.

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