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Heston Blumenthal -eat you heart out!

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Ha! I did it by accident.


We have a cheap and good quality strawberry glut going at the moment. So I thought to make strawberry stuffed pancakes. I cut strawbs in a bowl and sprinkled with castor sugar, made the pancake mix and later when taking the strawbs out of the bowl it left a red syrup but then I then knocked the bowl into the pancake mix . Well, thats not going to work. So I decided to make little pikelets out of the weird pink/grey looking mix.


The sugar browned off the surface and the pink went a weirder colour and it ended up looking exactly like sliced fried spam. So I mashed the strawbs to make a tomato ketchup / sauce and drizzled some of that.


It looked exactly like spam with sauce! It tasted great!


Now I just need to add a glazed apricot half stuck in some bubbly glazed meringue





(Good lord! is that sitting on a bed of rice ? :wacko: - reminds me of a Gold Coast 'Asian breakfast' bacon and eggs on rice :( )

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