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Bud Jetsun

Skip rituals and chanting. Manifest perfect mindfulness, then enlightenment

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A consciousness already has has perfect mindfulness. When one may be experiencing the illusion of uncontrolled racing thoughts, one is still experiencing exclusively ones own thoughts. Through recognition of this, one can accept awareness that perfect mindfulness was already exclusively in the domain of ones consciousness.


Once this realization is accepted, one only needs to continue unwavering awareness. There can be no doubt, or one has not fully recognized it as the inherent nature of your reality to the limited ability of your consciousness to perceive reality. If one encounters doubt, or fear, trace this back to the origin of the thought (self) and improve one's understanding of this reality.


This manifests perfect mindfulness (which one always had but may not have appreciated).


Gaining awareness of your inherent unlimited mindfulness does not require any chanting or bell dinging or priest/monk/nun blessings, or bowing, or ancient secret texts, or religious doctrines and rules etc.


It requires only accepting the reality that your thoughts are always and exclusively your thoughts. If another could share your minds thoughts, it would not be another, it would become your consciousness.


It makes no difference if you "believe" this or not, it remains a human-reality-'truth'.


After accepting recognition of ones domain over the control of all mind/thought including the illusion of "subconscious" (which is just the mind some choose not to perceive for whatever reasons), one may choose to think enlightened thoughts.


Enlightened thought does not involve beliefs, nor ritual, nor chanting, nor secret/power-ful words. You gain all the knowledge of the universe and cosmos, which is the knowledge there can only be the oneness. The oneness is the void and all one can know of it is indescribable yet unbreakable. This is the summation of all knowledge, all else is exclusively delusion.


To know the void is to know nothing. Embrace the void.


It is my humble pleasure to share this awareness as a gesture of compassion for any who also wish to conclude making the choice to suffer.


With unlimited Love,


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