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Birth of a Buddha

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"Rare is the birth of a Buddha in this world. So rare too, is the opportunity to listen to his Dhamma. This conviction has inspired many a devoted Buddhist to cherish the Dhamma as something extremely precious. The Buddha has declared that salutary friendship (Kalyàna-mittatà) is almost synonymous with his dispensation. The gift-of-Dhamma is the link that moulds the bond of this friendship. Dhamma deserves no price-tag precisely because it is price-less." (Concept and Reality in Early Buddhist thought - Bhikkhu Nanananda)


I would also add the art of Baguaquan and its incredible power of transformation. Another gift from the ancient world preserved in the Chinese mountains and monasteries and passed on quietly for generations until it was finally transmitted to a lay person (Dong Haichuan) and then to the world.


These gifts exceed anything material, they belong to humanity as a whole and as such should be treasured and nurtured and passed on in their integrity to future generations.


There are worlds out there with no Dharma and no Bagua. The inhabitants of those worlds experience enormous suffering.


Please keep both close to your heart with sincerity and never forget to cultivate and build wisdom and compasion.


Namo Amitabbha Buddha (Homage to the Buddha of Boundless Compassion and Wisdom).



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