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If you especially condense Chi (as male, gather as female due to opposite spirals) and massage abdomen counterclockwise, be careful

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I have recently massaged a lot of tension (due to being in a hurry, exercises "take too long" etc what my ego comes up with) into my stomach after gathering (clockw.) and condensing the Chi (counterclockw.)


Massaging clockw. is for Release counterclockw. for Intake.


For a friend of mine, massaging the stomach counterclockwise felt intuitively wrong.


Such as for me today doing eye exercises (circle on the edges of your field of vision without turning the head). If you have tension, you will rotate that tension into your gut. Your gut-brain is directly connected to your Optic Nerves.


Now I can explain my intense cramps in my stomach all the day, doing all these exercises with tension in my mind (often not even noticing due to being at a rather subtle point, but tension is tension) while my emotions are quite stable now. Not fully but they are getting there.


And then I discovered that you can stir up emotional patterns by looking in a certain direction. Since memory is stored in our gut aswell.


What a horrific combination but it is like it is. And if you want to move every uncomfortable point out of your body, you are about to find lots of miniscule but very important details about your system.


The right eye, looking far right over the shoulder is associated with the past. The left eye and looking far over to the left, is associated with the future. Both are somewhat useful for understanding this physical reality, but that is about it. Speaking of transcending limitations and heading into non-physicality.


All the best.

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