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Cool St. Germain Overshadowing

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I rate this video as one of my most memorable finds of late, right up there with Hai-tanks one-finger handstand.



Whether this is a hoax or not, this medium could've given Osho a run for his money, the message is spot on.


I like to adopt an optimistic, open-minded view of the world, and secretly I consider all plausible miracles as a part of my reality. If it turns out to be false, I release it and move on.


I very much like to think that there are ascended masters who operate in a more flamboyant manner than the 'typical' yogi or inhabitant of Penglai, especially if they were in developmental stages during the Renaissance and had to mix with royalty to steer the fate of humanity, like St. Germain.


I consider the literature and stories falling under the Ascended Master/Theosophy categories as a favourite hobby of mine, and I just love finding clues in real historical texts that allude to a class of humans who operate outside of the confines of agreed-upon physics. Nowhere are these clues more abundant than with St. Germain.

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