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Testicle Massage

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** NOTE ** : This is a home-made technique. I do it every so-often and I believe that it can help in energy retention in the testicular area.


This method primarily sprouted from the idea that arouse during my open-eyed meditation (wall gazing). When you are young and you become heavily aroused (either by yourself or an external force) but cannot "complete" whatever it is you where aiming for, you end up with something called blue balls. This is basically an excess amount of energy in the testicular area that wishes to escape. As most young boys know, this can be eased off by simply ejaculating. For those who cultivate (this is not only for blue balls itself, as I myself have never had that but I believe it can help in relieving the pressure for cultivators to ejaculate over time.) ejaculating may not be the best option. With this technique I hope to be able to relieve some of the urgency to ejaculate; in a nut shell.


The technique I have made is basically some external work mixed with some internal and a structural pose which is allegedly preferred for energy circulation. (I believe it's called the tree pose or something similar?) I will explain this further.


I perform this exercise while taking a cold shower as it is also rumored that cold showers increase sperm count and is thus suggested to men whom wish to impregnate their spouses. I apply a generous amount of soap to both my hands and testicular area and then with the aid of a wall, put my feet at shoulder width and my spine straight aligned with my head. In order to actually get your spine "straight" you'll have to curve your pelvis in a bit as the spine is naturally curved. Once in the pose with each hand grab a testicle and with eyes closed massage. While massaging, take a deep belly breath and then move it upwards. If done correctly, your testicles will literally bounce. During this breath imagine your sexual energy moving from your testicular area to your third-eye center. Do this three times. Afterwards, take a deep breath and exhale with sufficient force as to make an audible sound. With this breath the energy moves down into the dan tien or your naval.


Once finished I generally feel oddly taller and more energized. I believe this can help with avoiding the built up pressure that most cultivators feel when they have not ejaculated for either a few days, weeks, etc. as it directs the energy to your dan tien rather than stay in your testicular area.


If you try this and it helps you - please let me know. This is a very theoretical technique but it does seem to help me. I have posted this here rather than in the contributed articles section simply because within time it is possible I wish to modify the technique according to my own findings. Also, I wish to first hear from anyone who tries it and how it works out for them.

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