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Science Of Happiness 6 Week Course

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Just wanted to let everyone know that my Sifu, Kelley Graham will be teaching a 6-Week course called "The Science of Happiness"

He will be teaching live from Tucson, AZ-- if you're not in the area, there will be a live stream.

"The Science of Happiness suggests 6 areas of self cultivation. Our mind-body training is designed to fit within this simple approach to living well. Students develop a clear understanding of how to improve their health, relationships, resilience and overall vitality."

Topics will include:


  • Social Connections
  • Compassion
  • Environment
  • Physical Development and Relaxation
  • Mental Development and Neuroscience
  • Purpose and the Stages of Life


The sessions will begin 11 July 2014 and will be held

Fridays 2:30p - 3:30p Arizona Time Zone (time subject to change due to schedule)


Kelley's current online students have access to the full course. For those who are not members, Science Of Happiness 6 Week Course tuition is $100. An archived version will be available online for registered members only.

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