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This will be my second forum i have an account, there i have different username.


I am unemployed currently(some rare jobs here and there), i have degree(i am not lazy). I started searching my way while being in school, things started going downhill mentally, i wanted to figure out how to live without needed to work. I wanted to have superpowers, mind over matter.


first stage of practice


1) I concentrated on the third eye(area in front of me little bit upside, eyes closed). That triggered effects randomly my dayly life - lightning flashes, sounds, cracks, blue light explosion(i thought my TV blowed up). Lucid dreams. I felt subtle vibrations on the middle of the chest.

Later when i concentrated on third eye then it went whole or solidified.

This period was 2-3 years. Mainly "practiced"(i tried to get out of the body, induce powers etc) before sleep.


2) i found enlightenment stages. I wanted to become enlightened. This period was learning time, i read everything i could about the stages in every culture. I read everything about how to correctly practice. Found that the best is "letting go". I combined it with the mindfulness knowledge, i tried to find logic behind it how to do it.


3) it took me half year if not more to actually start doing formal practice. My first attempts were 5 minutes of mindfulness practice, i couldn't sit more. Over time i could sit almost 3 hours without moving. My main position is on bed on my back watching my mind, figuring how to make the mind still. Got my record long sitting and got to a mind state of luminous balls or something, no body only these balls.


4) Still wasn't good enough, i started reading about currents and energy. Chakras and channels etc. I started practicing pranayama. It took me i think couple days to figure out how to change the flow from one side to another and back, to change the flow at will. At that time i did a breakthrough, when investigating the field of mind i noticed that i am adrift to one side, i decided then to balance my self to middle and that caused breakthrough, i opened a channel.


5) Not long after first breakthrough the third eye was different, i could now apply to it and repeatedly. It developed pressures in the middle of the head, after some time i got another breakthrough but it was different than the channel breakthrough, then i was closer to the third eye(third eye is like a field of reality), after that there were another same kind of breakthrough.


6) after that last breakthrough, i felt i was close. Leaving details out i managed to take the third eye as object, i hold it then it dissolved into lower body or middle body. Then i let go of the old junk. Like clouds moved out of the sun, it felt light and pure.


7) i felt done and happy for a while, but not satisfied. I started pulling out vibrations again, did it for a while then things started to move again, then i hold my mind at lower abdomen it produced 3 light experiences, like middle channel succked empty and then put something back in. First was weaker than second and second was weaker than third.

After that i purified some things, won't get into details to keep it short, energies went to the top of the head. That unlocked third channel. I then were able to channel energies to the body.


8) not interesting details, just lot of purifiing channels. Till you can let go of the chains of consciousness, this is the subtle overlapping what overlaps automatically everything.


9) thats all currently took approximately 6 years to get here.


Four channels each within eachother, 4th is also channel but its done differently this channel will connect to the third eye or third eye is 4th channel.


1st channel is most automatic, 2nd channel is half automatic, 3rd channel- 3/4 is manual 4th is manually(that means you need to come up what you need to to by yourself and do it by yourself). For opening fourth channel you have already lots of knowledge thus its the fastest and easiest to open. 2nd channel was hardest for me and 3rd channel trickiest.


i have parroted this many times but everytime little bit differently because of when i first thought i was done was on 1st then 2nd channel then middle of the 2nd and 3rd and so on, i like to do it.


practice now: purifying third eye and body channels. Not yet sure how it will continue but currently i see results fast enough.


Thank you, i hope i can provide some tips




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Hello and welcome to the Tao Bums.


You will be free to post within the forum now but before starting we ask that you read the two posts pinned at the top of the Lobby and also take a look at the forum terms and rules This covers all you need be aware of when getting started.


Good luck and best wishes,



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this week, meditation caused some unusual urge to burst out information, i am almost sober now from this. It happens time to time when progress is made, can't predict the outcome.

I have kept an eye on this forum longer time, but decided to join in suddenly. I already managed to write second message thought it got lost or something, can ignore it.



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third eye.


a) When I started out meditation, i had a body but no energies to work with. Conscentrating on the field in front of me activated something.

b)I breath in then i started to feel subtle energies going to head, breath out, subtle energies going down.


meanwhile i did lots of just sitting, i tryed to locate where my awareness is, its middle of the head. I recognize it this way: i used eye consciousness then i switched to hearing and back and i figured its in the middle.


c) Then i trying to sense the energies, when i sense the energies my awareness is with it and now when you sense your field of awarenss its weight is into one side, only thing now to do is take that other side too into the awarness.

Now i can start working with the field directly, left and right side is correctly taken into account not only one half like before.


Just sitting method would have taken many times more time than using figuring out things and making them happen.


Physical movements after opening 1st channel or just opening, is not so proficent than using the method i am now available to use after opening 1st. Physical movements are same thing what breathing is but not so powerful, i guess physical movements takes longer time because they are denser.

I got at least one block by physical movement. I shaked my head from one side to another many times then later in the mediation i did eliminate block easy from the throat area.

mental blocks:

I have removed or shaked most of the mental blocks by contemplating, reading meaningful text, speaking with people- will let me notice my own rigid mindsets.


But still my favorite is using effort, trying to figure out where the blocks are withing body by sensing energies, where its stronger and causing pressure(etc) i try to solve it, the pressures are there so long it get figured.


Sometimes nothing seems to happen, then i force energies to start "vibrating", i have no idea how long i would have been stuck with thinking im mastered but gladly desided to sit prolonged sits and using more fuel vibrations started again.


Third eye is my mind source. After every channel it gets more pure. Channel is whole body system, 1 layer within it all other layers with their blocks to be removed to be able open 2nd.


Imho then, third eye is the mind, with awareness you choose to couple with body or just mind alone. It would be more proficent to cultivate awareness alone but at the beginning i don't know and have no access to this knowledge.

and either im not pure or free enough to enter mind alone fully. Imho that would be 5th layer/channel(but not sure).

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There are lots of pain accompanied with the progress. During the years there wasn't much painfree days only times when i make progress feels good two days or less, then mental pain returns.


Thank you.

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holy shit, i just read some stuff. I have broke only skandha of form. I thought i have more, but nope. I am glad because i got over of my illusion. Now back to practice.


see you later


edit: i don't know why i used foul language and the message itself, its repating time to time.

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