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What Qigong System? And What Has Qigong Done For/To YOU?

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You're probably thinking: "Oh no, not another Qigong thread."


I have searched the threads for something similar to what I'm asking and haven't come up with the exact same questions (feel free to delete thread mods, or move, or let me know if there are threads that ask the same questions [apologies if I've missed one]).


There are a lot of threads on "which qigong system/dvd/book", etc, but none that specifically also ask what Qigong (and specifically what system/dvd/book) has done to/for the people who practice it.


I'm personally interested but, also think it would be a valuable thread for others.


So, if you experienced ladies and fellas could send some recommendations for systems, schools, books, DVDs, teachers (for teachers can you say where they are?) along with what their practice has done (or not done), that would be great.


Also, general feedback on Qigong as a whole, what to expect, standard results to expect, etc. For example, I've seen a few posts from people saying that after practising that they can now see energy channels in themselves and others (or at least palpably know them), and then easily focus this energy. Is this a normal result of (dedicated) Qigong practice?


Personally, I think I've settled on SFQ for now, but before I was debating on whether to do Ken Cohen's 100 days, JA Johnson's Qigong DVD, or Flying Phoenix (before I was considering Mantak Chia, but, there seems to be a lot of reports of problems with his system).


I did my first Qigong session the other night, following the spring forest level 1 practice and during "The moving of Yin and Yang" practice, I began to feel a strong pull/field around my hands as I moved them, as if I were wearing gloves with powerful magnets on them. Is this a 'usual' thing? Is it Chi? Or is it just a feeling caused by the movement of hands? I'll see if it happens again, it was quite interesting. The only time I've had similar experiences is during a Prana Vidya practice and during a Tai Chi class.

Anyway, cheers guys.

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I've practiced quite a few qigong systems.
I've come to a sort of understanding that qigong is essentially a symbolic body language, or in the case of nei gong a system of internal symbolic language.
In order to understand what a system of qigong does, you must understand what it is saying.
This is easy to observe without even knowing the full system simply by viewing the teachers who exemplify the art. They will often give away their secrets subconsciously.

Lets look at some examples.

I recently viewed a man who was teaching in his own words " authentic combat taichi"
He used phrases such as:
Deadly flow
On the concept of steel wrapped in cotton " it's like getting hit with a crow bar"
Extremely hard to learn
And even called most tai chi classes bs.

Simply put from what this person communicates subconsciously he carries around a lot of fear and anger.
He looked like he had some authentic combat skill, but I believe that he needs to develop the calm loving spiritual state of taichi. I would not learn from him in order to preserve my inner peace.

Another teacher of taichi I veiwed recently had a very loud and over the top personality. I felt as though he was trying to sell himself and his system.
He commonly used phrases involving " power"
His system was super powerful and such.
There was also a recurring theme of vaccums and suction.

If you accept his teaching then you will be taking some time out of your day morning, noon, and night to say to your self, through the symbolic body language of chigong:
" I am a very powerful vaccum and I suck, vrrrrrrr"

I suppose if I believed this about myself I would probably end up overcompensating in the outward personality department as well.

A few years ago a certain nei gong school had a large following on this forum
and now I don't hear from it much anymore.

It had some interesting things to say.

The energy of this school is unique. By practicing this you are tuning into a different kind of energy than everyone else.
Instead of enlightenment we seek to become dragons.

Considering the depth of the philosophy's passed down to us from the ancient sages, these statements are silly, egotistic and delusional.

I have encountered a lot of new age folks floating around who work only with the upper chakras.
They will utilize the heart, throat and third eye. They occasionally work with solar plexus and navel to balance lower drives. They do not touch the root and the crown.

This is interesting.

They are saying to themselves:
I possess deep insight, am in communication with my spiritual reality, and love unconditionally.
My will power and emotions are in balance.
I am not earthly, and I am not god so I will not interfere with his plan.

Pretty good system these new agers got going for them.

KAP is interesting as well. It simultaneously very eclectic and traditional.

It teaches you the traditional symbolic tools of the ancients. Once you speak the language you can program yourself however you wish.

Solid ;)

I've seen quite a few taichi teachers, who just exude peace and love. They talk about how beneficial taichi and qigong is. They teach the martial applications without bringing hate and anger into it. They tend to be very insightful.

It's always nice to see some authentically spiritual people teaching authentic gongfu.

I have met qigong teachers who are the complete opposite. They are loud, energetic, somewhat obnoxious. They talk about how powerful their chi is. They tend to work with primarily the lower centers. They want a lot of money.

The lower centers represent the lower drives in the personality. If you emphasize the use of these centers too much you can become a very unbalanced individual.
These teachers can have a lot of energy. But they are ineffective at sublimating it to shen(spirit).
Instead it manefests as excesses in the personality.
A good teacher will have a loving and peaceful personality. ( Shen)
A master will not have a personality at all(return the Shen to the void remember)

If something about the teacher doesn't seem right . Then it probably isn't.
" I'm sorry, I'm not very interested in learning your ultra powerful qigong. I'm perfectly happy with my mediocrity"

Lets look at some traditional Taoist devices.

Baby's breath:
I am child like.
I am also prone to childish mistakes. I am still learning. Still playing.

This traditional exercise is pretty deep. It allows us to have a calm and beautiful attitude. It allows us to become aware of our silly flaws and learn to correct them gradually.

Microcosmic orbit
I am the same as everything else in the universe. The wisdom, love, and peace of the ancients is in me. The egotism and ignorance of the universe is within me as well.

This is also very good. It allows us to recognize that any flaw that we do not like in another, is just a projection of a part of ourself that we need to change.( a jungian principle).
It also allows us to recognize the wisdom and integrity within.

Macrocosmic orbit.

I am part of a larger structure. I am connected to all beings. Unity. In order to change the I world must change myself.

This is the progression of recognizing the internal reality of the microcosm. One must begin to live out the way of the sages in the external universe. To be in harmony with oneself one must be in harmony with the world at large.

Inner smile
Don't worry, be happy.

As you can see the traditional devices of inner alchemy, compose a well thought out system of progressive ascension and realization. This is why they are called yoga(union).

Love and light


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