male multiple orgasms

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it seems through what i have read through so far there that it is common for one to have problems either having a multiple orgasm or how to have one. i have had a few and in posting how i do so i hope others will benefit as well. here we go!


before even diving into techniques i want to make one thing clear: awareness. if and only when you become aware of your present surroundings and your present feelings and or sensations can you have a multiple orgasm or even one non-ejaculatory orgasm for that matter. simply be aware of what you are feeling, your sweat, your heart rate, any clenched muscles, your emotions, be aware of it all. in my opinion this is one thing few books stress enough and can be why people ultimately fail and continue to have taxing ejaculatory orgasms.


introduction: the pelvic floor.

this is also known as the pc muscle and is a key ingredient in having a successful non-ejaculatory orgasm. there are a variety of techniques for training this muscle, but the key ingredient is continuity. being a weekend warrior will not help you in this case. the pc muscle is easy in locating, and there a variety of techniques for finding it too! the simplest i've found is to stop the stream of urine and become aware of the muscle that is clenched. this is it! after a few stops you will more than likely be able to clench it at your own will. at first i encourage you to do 50 repetitions. if you can do more then i encourage you to do, keeping in mind it can become sore like any other muscle.


the pc muscle is in my opinion is a great muscle for two reasons. one, it will stop semen from ejecting from your penis and two, it will develop sensitivity in the area. with an increased sensitivity you will be able to feel the "pumping" action that occurs during ejaculation and when you are too close and need to squeeze. training this muscle should be fairly easy as you can do it anytime anywhere, simply develop a schedule and build off of that.


the orgasm.

this is by far the hardest part of it all. the actual orgasm. do not fear! i have found a method in which you should find one with ease. it works by doing nearly the complete opposite of having an orgasm! hah! normally during masturbation or sexual intercourse, people run and run until bang they finish. i have made an analogy for this. notice the unexperienced runner, running as fast as he can to reach the finish line, only to finish depleted and fatigued. understanding this will be of a great help. you can run, but you have to run consciously, going at a pace at which you can enjoy and reach the finish line invigorated and full of joy :) . how to do this!? when practicing solo cultivation, instead of grasping the top part of your penis, try making an "O" with your thumb and your finger at the base of your penis. masturbating like this will feel substantially different and is perfect for become multi-orgasmic.


when solo cultivating with the "O" (what a coincidence! hah!) simply become aware of each stroke and the pleasure that accompanies it. you should go at a pace that you can work with and not ejaculate or get to that point within a few minutes. this will feel much more pleasurable as normally, like mentioned above, we run towards the finish line, not taking notice of the sights and people we see on our journey. when closing in on what they call "the point of no-return" (the point in which you either ejaculate or continue, for those who do not know) you will feel a tingling in your penis. at this point i suggest slowing down considerably and doing a lot of deep breathing. as well, you should take notice if you have clenched or contracted any muscles, which you should then relax. bathe in this tingling sensation for a few strokes and then stop, continue with the deep breathing, and voila, you have just had your first non-ejaculatory orgasm!!


within time you will be able to stay on this peak for considerably longer than the first time, and every time you climb you will be able to go higher and higher, with no crash! (crash being the ejaculation, which means an end to either intercourse or masturbation.) do not worry if at first you do not feel the tingling at first, but i promise in that being aware of your sensations within time you will and enjoy the fruit of cultivating without ejaculation.



i do not want to fiddle around here too much as more than likely you know of or have heard of a technique to mentally cultivate the sexual energy. the simplest i find is to simply clench the buttocks and visualize the energy going from your perineum to your crown chakra (or the top of your head), down to the third eye chakra (or brow point), and then using the palette to bring it down to the navel for storing. within time you will notice your erection and arousal rate decline when performing, which is a good sign that you have re-routed the sexual energy.


that's it, for now i suppose! i have heard of people (witch comes to mind) or rather read, that can have chakra orgasms, like the heart. this is something i have not experienced but i believe it is best to first build a foundation. you will eventually reach a point where you will somewhat frown on ejaculation as you will find not ejaculating and bathing in the pleasure to be better, which is both good and bad. bad in that you should indeed ejaculate every now and then once you find your cycle and good in that you have realized there is something better than ejaculating smile.gif


i hope within posting this i will either aid someone in finding the non-ejaculatory orgasm path or give them a tip or two to help their current practice. enjoy! :)

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These might be of interest:


The Male Deer Exercise:

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There's also an exercise with Lion in the title where a man places his fingers firmly on the perineum to stop the emission of semen when he cums although this can cause semen to enter the bladder so isn't recommended. I couldn't find a link to any info but perhaps someone else can?

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