Yuerng Sun Gung (Nourish the Body Qigong)

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Hi All,


My Sifu taught me this yesterday, really enjoyed it so I thought I would share :)

I riped the description from another web site.


Seated Qigong for Winter


The Ancient Chinese understood much about living in accordance with nature. So much so, that they even adjusted their training to suit the seasons. Summer was the time for vigorous exercise that made you sweat. Winter is the time for quieter exercise that helped you conserve and store energy. Here is one of the classical seated exercise routines that your Si Tai Tai Gung trained everyday. It is called Yuerng Sun Gung ( Nourish the Body Qigong ).




1. Sit comfortably on the edge of a chair. Hands palm up on your knees with thumb and middle fingers touching. Close your eyes, teeth touching and your tongue on the roof of your mouth behind your front teeth. Take 3 slow, deep, gentle breaths. For the duration of the exercise all of your breathing should be performed this way.



2. Place your hands together palm to palm and forearms level with the floor. 3 breaths - on the in breath extend your hands straight up above your head, keeping the palms together. On the out breath come back down to the starting point.



3. 6 breaths - alternating the hands with each breath. Breath in and take one hand out over the knee, palm up, and circling up to your forehead then extending straight up your centreline. Breath out and draw the hand straight down your centreline back to the other palm. Repeat on the other side for a total of 6.



4. 6 breaths - with palms together breath in and press your palms to one side going as far around your body as possible. Keep your body square to the front. Breath out and come back to the centre. Repeat on the other side, for a total of 6.



5. 3 breaths - on the in breath open your palms straight in front of you, keeping the palms pulled back to stretch the wrists and forearms. Breath out and bring your palms back together with forearms parallel to the ground.



6. 10 breaths - breath in and extend hands straight up your centreline keeping the palms together. At the top breath out and circle your joined palms, fingers forward, down to navel height and then back into your centre as the fingers turn up again.



7. 10 breaths - this is the reverse to the previous set. Breath in and circle your palms, fingers forward up to the top. On the out breath draw your palms straight down your centreline back to the starting position.



8. Open your hands and place them palm up on your knees, thumb and middle fingers touching. Take as long as you like, breathing slowing and deeply. Trying to keep your mind as empty as possible of any thoughts but for your breath.


Article by:

Sifu Mark Webster

Chinese Kung Fu Academy - Mudgeeraba

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BTT - Wow this is so old I forgot I even wrote it :lol: and I don't practice it as often as I should :ph34r:


Since 2007 I've also been taught this by my Simu. They practice this Qigong, siting cross legged, after Tai Chi class.

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