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The woman who created this has a couple dozen one sheet exercise programs that are actually pretty good. Her posters and website are worth checking out:


I've been doing the Batman and Wolverine workouts lately. Haven't tried many other yet, but they all look good.


When I start training for a half-marathon I'm going to add The Flash to my training regimen. It looks BRUTAL!



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I've been increasing my reps to 220+ push ups and 220+ sit ups.


I've done nine of these routines already this week, together with lots of other exercises.


But I've wasted most of today shopping and cleaning and tidying.


And meditating, and wizard stuff of course.


My feet and hands and limbs are becoming red and hot and itchy.


The light bulbs are flickering.


The tips of my toes have become sensitive.


Do I need grounding, or should I go..


Super Saiyan! is bookmarked!


Thanks man!


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