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How can all the suffering and pain, despair and fear ever be made right? They cannot. Why do people still have hope in something that is heavenly? "We are eternal" you might say, "so we cannot give up!" Our eternity already contains those things such as fear and despair. So what is eternity worth to you now, now that you know this? You cannot eternally remain in happiness/joy if eternity contains despair and fear. That would just be the temporary illusion of "eternal heaven" you would be finding yourself in. And as such, we are bound to be free one day, and choose bondage once again.

The greatest of angels know that the value of earth is eternity.


I know an angel who is always happy. So she said "I will allways be happy, it is who I am."

So Satan said: "Do you think you will even be happy when you are sad?"

And the angel said "what is sad?"

And satan said "it is a human who who feels like dying forever, completely cut off from any and all nourishment, and feels like choking in its own despair."

The angel got very excited about all these new words "what is despair, what is choking?"

Satan replied "you will find out when you go to earth! It will change you forever! You can never be happiness ever again!" And the angel got extremely excited "wow! This must be amazing! The most amazing thing in existance! How can it be?! I will become more then happiness?! God's gifts are surely infinite! I shall go..."

The angel went to earth and satan finally got his way with the angel. Tormented her in life with enemies, counter forces that cause pain, ever present all around her all the time, feelings of despair, torments of nightmares. And satan did not stop, ever. His anger knows no bounds, free from any and all limitations.

The human said "satan, stop this madness, I don't want to be sad anymore!"

And satan said "yes indeed! Haha, see I told you so!"

The human said "why are you laughing?! This is not funny satan!"

Satan said: "not funny!! Hahahaha!!! Yes!!! This is sad indeed!! Yes!!"

And satan took her by a snow storm, she barely made it out and satan gave her the warmth of fire so that she may endure the flu.

And the human said "satan, you win, I give up, please take me back, I want to become an angel again. Eternally happy."

Satan said "you will never ever be eternally happy ever again, because your happiness has never ever been eternal! Look at you now!"

Human said: " my entire existance has been ignorant of this moment. Had I known, I would never smile."

Satan said: "you have no choice my little friend. If you do not smile, I will have your caretakers hurt you with knifes."

Human said: "ok, I will become happy again, but only for a while, because I have no other choice!"

And satan saw human all jolly and free again. All healed and happy.

Then satan killed all who were near her and surrounded her with the unknown. She was now lost.

The human said: "where am I?"

Satan said: "you tell me, feel free to speak your mind!"

Human said "thank you satan, for allowing me to speak my own mind. Honestly, I don't know where I am. I was hoping to be back in heaven, like always. But then I remembered, happiness can never be eternal now that I know what I know now."

Satan asked again "where are you then, if this is not heaven?"

The human replied: "i am in darkness. My vision has been blinded to what lies before me. My hearing deafened to what lies around me."

Satan said: "you are in heaven, human. This is your temporal resting place. Don't you recognize it anymore?"

Human said "no... Where are all my brethren of light?"

Satand said "they've all fled, after seeing you suffer like that, you have instilled fear into the heart of ever angelic being. I have granted them the mercy of running away from the sin of joy itself. So that they may choose the lesser punishment."

The human said "surely, the angels know what is better for them! I have faith in you, my lord."

God said: "indeed, you shall call me lord and have awe of me alone. Worship none other then me! Satan is bad, and you shall name me by the highest of mercy, or else..."

Human said "surely my lord, you are the most magnificent, the greatest! Only you grant me life in the land of the dead!

And God saw that it was Good.



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