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Partner Pranayama leading to Tantric Sex

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Knew that I would get your attentions for this one! lol


Have you seen the movie The White Dawn? It has a scene in it where two Inuit females are doing a very sensual breath ritual called the Wind Witches Kiss. Seeing is better than me describing, but allow me to describe it for you anyways, because you are going to like this stuff...


The Two Partners, whosoever they may be, are in yab yum, maithuna or whatever position you can imagine where the two can lock lips and exchange breaths.


Orient the lips approximately sideways, not touching, but not not-touching... ;)


Here, lovers entwine in a back and forth pranayama, with one being Yang (Team Leader!/Motivator through excess Yang Chi Giveaway/Desirer), and other Yin (Follower/Motivated by Endless Yin Chi Expression/Desired)


Speed variable :)


It is like this but not.


Increase CO2 causes vasodilation of capillary, etc. system.


CO2 level increases.


Fight or Flight System Activated Yang lover.

Keeps one in Hyperarousal State


let's experiment y'all if y'arent already with partner pranayama!


(JB I summon you! ;))





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