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With his forty five years of experience, Shifu Hayashi (Christopher Goedecke) explains the spiritual nature and the transformative process of the Martial Ways in the Mindfulness Tradition of the ancient lineage masters in this 3 part interview.


I know everybody on the Way will find wonderful relevance in this interview.





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Ya know when it comes to ima and spiritual power and so on no one really brings it up and explains it correctly.


In the ima there 108 traditional ways to express fa jing. An an infinite amount of ways to flavor it.


Now external movement to cultivate dan is what weidan is.


Weidan is very powerful.


It leads to neidan meaning that in time of doing the internal ima or qigong one will feel the chi flow and cultivate internally in the mco dantian etc which will not be seen by on lookers. In time stillness will come into your moving form.


When you move your body the movement correlates to different elements and expressions that are representative of that style.


Certian internal expressions of chi interact with certain forces in nature.


So this also means that just by movement alone high level chi can be channeled into the body.


So in kungfu there are low level forms that build the root stretch the tendons and so on. Then there are higher level forms that channel light chi cultivate the shen and build ging.


So in your internal kung fu form you will notice that certain movements will cause the feeling and chi expression to change.


In time you should be able to recreate those internal energy expressions upon thought.


An this has been my exp.


Just recently I started doing a new moving form in the system that I train in and this form makes a pretty powerful energy field around the body. Since then the energy field that I can generate has increased significantly.


Some ima systems build spiritual power as well as ldt power the udt can be vibrated just like the ldt but the energy is different.


Now on my personal growth the sunlight of the setting sun is activates my shen and makes my mind go like brrrm. When this happens I feel centered and active at the sametime if I stay in it this sunlight will start to make me vibrate. As of late the affect of this has been growing the last time I went out to soak up this sunlight I started to see the chi particles in the air like really really good.


There is high level kung fu out there.


It is not all exactly as portrayed like what the mo pai and longmenpai is.

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