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Kwan Yin transmissions

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These files are by a woman who claims to channel Kwan Yin.


The page also has links to previous channelings as well


The messages feel very good to me, and immediately reminded me of some of Sri Ramana Maharshi's advice.

For example, she says not to attatch ourselves to ideas of our shortcommings, problems/difficulties.


So, here also are some extracts from a conversation with Sri Ramana from the book "Ramana Maharshi answers 100 questions"


I added italics



How to get released from karma?


Ramana Maharshi

See whose karma it is. You will find you are not the doer. Then you will be free. This require s the grace of God for which you should pray to him, worship him and meditate on him.



How a does a person of steady knowledge know that he is one such? (part of the atmic force)


Ramana Maharshi

In the firm natural state, through the silence of the mind free of all tendencies, the knower knows himself as such without any doubt



That is not possible for me


Ramana Maharshi

The greatest obstacle is the thought 'it is impossible for me'

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