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Extreme Heat symptoms after orgasm

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I have been experiencing some strange symptoms since last week.After orgasm i Feel a strong heat sensation that travels from the base or mid of spine and reaches head.Its so hot that i feel my skin burning.The next day i experience neck and head pain.I have read several books on kundalini and i can confirm that its not kundalini.Because i dont have the classic kundalini symptoms.Like:


feeling different, not fitting in
- a deep dissatisfaction or a yearning for inner development
- inner sensations of light, sound, current, or heat
- a heightened inner or outer awareness; increased sensitivity
- feelings of energy flowing or vibrating within
- special abilities, capacities, and talents
- non-ordinary phenomena; altered states
- spontaneous bodily movements or breathing patterns
- emotional fluctuations; psychological issues coming forward
- atypical sensations or sensitivities
- an interest in spiritual growth or in metaphysics or the esoteric
- compassion and a desire to help others
- a sense that something non-ordinary, transformative, or holy is happening within
- personal development, and optimally, spiritual transformation and realization


I dont have any of the above signs.I am fully conscious during the heat rising and watch my spine and brain on fire.I think i have governing channel disorder.The heat rises not inside the spine but on the outside of the spine.I dont feel any chakras.I dont know what to do?And why it happens after orgasm only?Please help me!

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Your body is not processing the basic heat of sexuality. As the water element (jing) is dense, it often gets stuck and is typical of a "water - wood" (aka, "kidney - liver") disharmony... the "Liver rules spreading and flowing". Things are not circulating so you have trapped heat, and it comes out some times.


Self massage the Liver channel



Massage the grooves between muscles (and between muscles and bone) along your inner legs. Be gentle with yourself. Spend extra time where there are any knots or tenderness. Do this not just after sex, but regularly: this is likely an underlying condition. Don't worry if you're not right on the Liver channel: all the channels that run along those grooves could be helpful, especially working out pts of blockage and tenderness where ever you find them.


Anything that you can do to generally, overall, on an on-going long term basis to:

- circulate blood (any aerobic exercise)

- open the tissues and channels (stretching, for instance.)

- work gently and deeply with breath

... will help, a big part of the cultivation path in general.


Hatha yoga combines stretching and gentle steady deep breathing. Taking up that sort of practice could be beneficial.


The general strategy is relieve stuckness, clear heat, circulate chi and blood. Any exercise or qigong that go in those general directions. Stay away from aggressive packing techniques.


Beyond that, go see a doctor of Chinese medicine. Could be very worth while for you, if available, feasible. Along with self-help.

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When you ejaculate the jing (energy from the kidneys) gets emptied from the entire Wood network regulated by the liver, hence you feel heat as the liver starts burning again. Think of jing (and semen as an external manifestation used for procreation) as sap that cools off and nourishes the liver since water generates wood. You drain water out of wood and heat increases as a result (it becomes stiff and it is easy to burn...try too burn wet wood, you simply can't).


You have a huge massive tree inside of you. The liver is responsible of many functions and it also tends to heat up (wood generates fire), so nourishing the water element (kidneys) is a must in order to keep the wood under control. Remember that wood cycle is responsible for change and quick action, very necessary functions that bring about new and fresh ideas and leave the old, stale and dead 'energy' behind (from the winter, new growth is brought upon by the spring)


My personal advice is to either adopting celibacy (best suited for monks and the like) or minimising/regulating ejaculation.


It will take you a week to recover from one ejaculation, two weeks to go back to normal levels and one month to feel the jing flowing in your entire wood network (as long as the corresponding meridians are open without significant blockages).


Here is a good reading about this topic and the classical five element theory:


Another must-have book that will help you understand the basic mapping of your energetic system is the following one:








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