12 symptoms of a spiritual awakening :)

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Good timing! I was just thinking about some of this stuff today as I was driving around getting groceries and dog food...


It's the holidays and that means a bit more drinking than I'd really like to do, over-eating, and less sleep...That's what I was recovering from this morning.


And I had the feeling I get now and then, of not judging people, not getting annoyed by people, not feeling the need to show people by my example how they're doing things in such a stupid way and if they'd look at how I do them everything would flow much smoother... :D


I don't think I was just so worn out that I no longer had the energy to get annoyed at people...I feel like my energy is ok today. I think I was just in a mellow mood, had a lot of good interactions with friends last night, and was feeling good about humanity.


But it's so hard to stay in the mindset I found myself in this morning. I don't even really realize I've slipped out of it until it comes back suddenly and I realize what an asshole I've been lately.


Oh well :)


At least it's there sometimes.

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