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Cosmic healing

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I have been practicing Cosmic Healing (CH) as thought in Healing Tao . Along the other practices, I ragulary do six directions and budha palm qi gong sets ...


I sometimes do sessions on my friends or my family members for fun ...


Procedure I usually do:

Ask for permision to work on, explain what we are going to do, and comunicate during the session. So "receiver" is also active (meditation, visualization ...).


1. Inner smile on 3 tantiens.

2. Six directions.

3. Personal star.

4. Empty and fill with earth energy.

5. Clean with green light.

6. Clean with blue light.

7. Charge with violet light.

8. Push / pull trough organs, orbit ...



What I really wanted to share today, is this ...

Last time I worked on the my sisters dog, which was bleeding trough his reproductive organ for a few weeks. He got antibiotic, but they seems did not help. I was there few days ago ... I did on him empty and fill, green, blue and push/pull ... I got a phone call today, that the dog that night a few hours after session began to bleed even more, but short after, bleeding stopped at all ...


And I dont have to forget to mention, that dog communicated with me during the session, he lifted his head a few times and looked at my eyes, as he knew something is going on ...



Peace, Jox :)

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