World Naked Bike Ride

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I saw the World Naked Bike Ride by chance in San Francisco last weekend. It was quite funny actually. There was a group of about 100 people, mostly on bikes. There was one fellow on roller skates wearing a top hat.


There are so many prudes in the U.S. - but in San Francisco everyone was pointing, laughing, and smiling as far as I could tell. We need more cities like San Francisco.


A friend, her daughter, and I went to SFMOMA - San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.





We walked down the street for lunch. On the way back to SFMOMA I was taking a photo of an old church with a new building behind it.



That's when we saw the cyclists and the skater (I blurred the part that might offend some people).




Here's a pic of my friend's daughter in the museum. I liked the stripes on her shirt matching the stripes on the pavement outside.



Sorry about the quality, I was just using a camera in a Treo phone.

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