Bagua teacher (internal focus) in London?

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A friend of mine who is coming from mostly external martial arts (wing chun et. al.), but wants to move away from the fighting focus, is looking for a bagua teacher in London. One who actually also puts the focus on the internal, for health (and cultivating life skills I guess), and not so much on fighting techniques for the sake of it, since he says (and I agree) that Western/modern culture has a habit of throwing out the internal stuff for more straightforward, quicker and superficial parts.


Do you know and can you recommend a good teacher in the London area who doesn't throw deep core-wisdom out the window in the teachings?

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First, please do not look down on the fighting techniques...I think they can be a genuine way to enter the more internal aspects of bagua.

Second, I think this student of Frantzis is just right for you. Don't know him personnaly, but practised the same style for a while. And he is more into health and cultivation.



...if not, try this one: http://www.palmchange.com/index.php/north-london-bagua-overview (Luo Dexiu lineage, probably more combat-oriented, but you can ask them). Or this one http://www.baguauk.com/#!chris-ray-chappell/c1bk5 (Liu Jingru lineage)


Third, bagua does kick ass, so you're looking in the right direction!

And fourth, good luck to you!

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