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Negs and Addiction

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This reality of ours is a little more complicated than general opinion would have it. There are independent forces, entities and energies that could severely influence a person's life, health and luck. I have regularly disregarded this aspect of my existence, because there were usually simpler explanations for things that would go wrong in my life.


I have studied Robert Bruce's work on Negs (Negatives), from The Practical Psychic Self-Defense Handbook, and I have come to realize how these forces have influenced my life since my childhood. I was almost shocked to discover just how much these negative forces have had a hold on me.


I am 75 days celibate for the first time in my life, since starting self gratification. After a serious struggle of temptation at day 60 (which I overcame) I decided to cleanse my room and house of negs, explicitly for the first time ever. That heavy, carnal temptation has been gone ever since, and I cannot even be bothered to become aroused anymore.


Looking back at my childhood I can recall multiple near-fatal attacks by dogs, freak events where I was singled out amongst other children, attacks which were stopped miraculously just in time. Dogs can sense neg-attachments and become maliciously agitated toward the host.


My mother is and has always been sadly depressive, with many unexplained lumps always appearing on her body. She has seen plenty of specialists over the years, but could never get an explanation or treatment for it. There has always been tension and problems between my mother and father, and our home environment was at times distinctly negative. My parents are Christian however, and have always abstained from alcohol and drugs.


Yet, negs look for any opening whatsoever to latch on to, and turn slight negativity into something worse. I can look back in my life and see where possible neg-attachments have sullied my social life especially.


So two-weeks ago when I did the house cleansing, through visual imagery of electric-violet fire throwing and lifting of vibration, I could afterward sense the distinct change in atmosphere. I believe that I have reduced, even removed, neg-attachments that fed off my sexual gratification. I feel so much cleaner after then, since there is no undue powers that affect my behaviour unnaturally.



Interesting things about negs is that they can be grounded electrically. If you have a new neg attacking you, then by walking over a running stream or garden hose the neg will be stopped at the running stream. If you return to the original side the neg will attack you again.


Certain buildings and places with particular plumbing and electrical wiring can trap negs inside, resulting in haunted spaces. Places of ill repute, especially where addicts gather, fester with negs which you can pick up like gum on your shoe.


I distinctly remember numerous social excursions where I returned home with severe, unexplained pains in my body, like somebody kicked me in my back and head. Since I started treasuring vitality, doing QiGong, and strengthening my energy body, I have been better able to deal with these negs.


Negs prefer dark spaces, so if you stand in daylight then superficial negs will be banished, at least for the time being. Bad smells without a logical explanation can indicate neg presences. If a person has hateful thoughts about you, it could instigate a neg attack on you.


In my opening remark I mentioned that life is not as simple as it seems. If you tick somebody off, even over the internet, you could unwittingly invoke a neg attack. And the truth is, we are all very very familiar with neg attacks. Ever been in an uncomfortable social situation with a lot of negativity, it probably messed up the rest of your day, possibly causing digestive problems like an upset stomach?



Negative entities, such as some earth-bound spirits, latch onto humans and influence them to vicariously experience indulgence in certain addictions. That is why especially drug and alcohol addicts have such messed up lives, and so many additional negative things in their lives. These negs really have a powerful hold on addicts, rewarding them for indulgence and pestering and punishing them when abstaining.



Below is an account by famous mystic, Aunt Clair, of an exorcism of a drug-addicts home and inmates,1023.0.html


We went up North of the City to clean a home . Bill had seen a demon in remote view in the lady's heart that was an pedophile and a bikie drug dealer when the lady called him for assistance.

When we arrived there were more than this one. She told us that the man Bill described had raped her when she was 14 years old and that he had suicided soon afterwards. Her mother who was a heroin addict turned tricks on the side and had made her 'available' to him without the child's prior knowledge or consent.

As we entered the home, in the Games Room in front of the computer was a demonic vision of a dismembered female torso hanging upside down .The legs were gone from the knees down . The head was missing . A black cow skull was pummeling her vaginally and I heard the demon hissing "I will kill this b*" .

We had been energised and protected before we entered and I felt unusually calm and sort of floating and "out of it" . I was amazed that the vision did not frighten me . I felt at peace and said "I won't look at that garbage" and looked through it until I could see the wall behind it clearly. I followed Bill as he white lighted each room .

When we went to the master bedroom we saw a cloud of teeny fiinger to hand sized black gargoyles .These bite and burn like mosquito bites they harvest energy from the head and heart. The younger half sister who was clean , never used drugs and never been abused either
had a cloud of these around her head like a wreath. Bill cleaned them out quickly except for a large one about the size of an infant but very thin which winked out when I came into the room.

We moved from room to room white lighting the place with our palms out . A spirit cowered in the corner of the front room but Bill found it was the grandfather's spirit which was not demonic. The old man was there to protect the woman's children. He was disgusted by the woman and wanted us to tell her so but we did not. We let him be but told him we were there to help her not mess with her head.

However the demon spirit of her grandmother was sent packing.The grandmother had been a junkie alchoholic. The exorcist saw a vision of her screaming at the woman's children. And confirmed with the "client" that the grandmother had been screaming at the young girl to clean her room at night . The child would wake screaming "no no no ".

Then I got a message that the bikie druggie had been a friend of the family and that her grandmother was a junkie too. But the lady of the house said that gma was an alchy but her motherwas the junkie. The exorcist said , "This is not entirely true"Then she recanted. She felt somehow angry with the mum but loyal to the grandmother and felt protective of her reputation even though she was dead. Now she cried and said that the grandmother had hooked the mother on the junk and had set her mother up for tricks and that the two of them had done the same to her.

As we entered the back bedroom the bikie demon shoved me hard in the back where I am injured from spine surgery. He came thru the wall behind me and I was not fast enough. It must seem evident to him in spirit too because he knew just where it would hurt he found the scar and the hardward in my back.

We went to the bedrooms and felt horribly bad energy , fear and shadow. Down the hall it was clean , fresh and clear . What a contrast !

The woman said that her daughter knew how to spiritually clean the home. Her young daughter's room and the hall were the only spiritually clean rooms in the entire home and even then sometimes the negs would come down from the ceiling. The girl had shielded them from coming up through the floor or through the walls.

There was a sleepout/bar on the porch. It was chock a block filled with demon spirits laughing at us like we were fresh meat and naive and they were street wise convicts. They teased us and taunted us and tried to make us leave in fright. But the exorcist just tuned to a different frequency and he could see them but no longer hear there peanut gallery. I tried to tune them out too but got distracted by their banter and felt more relieved to just remove them from the home. So I targeted each one with an open mouth first.

Some went outside even though the sunlight can burn them painfully. But they would rather hide there and wait for us to leave so that they could re-enter rather then go back to the Hels. There was an empty cracked cement pool in the backyard filled with weeds , the demons tried to hide in there but it is much easier to banish them from outdoors in sunlight and they were removed.

When we were done, Bill sat down to pray and thank God and angels for their help because we thought the home was clean, but he heard . "You are not done , the lady must be cleansed."

So he asked for her watch and held it to link to her past. He said there is another entity here a 14 yo old boy who lived in the neighbourhood . He was dealing drugs for the bikie gang but dobbed one of his mates in and was murdered. She knew him and told us about how the two died one after the other the bikie and then the young dealer. The newspaper reported it was gang related . These two neg spirits had been possessed ,when they died they began haunting and plaguing the home .

As Bill "read" her watch , the young druggie appeared in the corner with a dark cross from crown to toes. The angels said he had been blessed and Christened as a child , loved but turned to violence and drugs and alcohol very early because of "friends" he hung with .

And so the light and protection his family had given him was darkened and wasted. I got a message that his grandmother had shielded him with the dark cross because he had been haunting the family home. This was a talisman like a tattoo he could not remove which banished him spiritually from his own home.

I thought he was harmless but Bill told me that he was dangerous and that , he had been violent in life , too. Neither of these blokes had been to the light yet they were negative earthbound spirits/demons.

The lady would wake with arms round her throat , pressure on her chest , spirit rape and horrible interference of dreams and thoughts telling her to pimp out her girl like her mum had done to her and to begin using drugs again. She lied to us and said only mum and grandma used but she was an ex junkie too.

The exorcist explained to me that by seducing her to use heroin they could feel the high themselves again. They would enter her and feel as if they were using heroin too and this would make them hang around her because sit is easier to influence someone to pick up an old bad habit then to get someone to try a new one.

She heard negative advice and she saw horrible visions . She was angry without cause and could not sleep . She had become suicidal and learned of Bill from a spiritual church.

So she lay down on the settee for us and Bill tranced . This time instead of being surrounded by 4 angels , he stepped out of the back of his body and a teaching angel stood on his right . He was told that he must learn to do this alone. The angels would protect him but he must learn to cross the street alone without always holding their hands.

Bill pulled the entity from the heart and it confused me because I saw a bat winged demon but Bill saw the other grandfather whom he said was also in a motorcycle gang. The angel Raphael explained that we were seeing the same spirit who had been possessed at the time of death and was capable of projecting a human ghost or a demonic spirit. We were tuned in to different frequencies and so had different perspectives.

The grandfather had raped her as a child and that made a negative spiritual cord a bond between him and her even after death.

The entity that was the bikie & demon was a smaller scale ,like a child size ,compacted when it was in her . When he removed the bikie demon, it screamed like a horror show .

The exorcist bound the body , Father , Son and Holy Ghost around each stone and bundled it in white light . The bikie seemed to come out of this white light like a broken egg shell . His legs and arms were kicking out .

Then he bit Bills hands . Bill's etheric hands changed to become like a white and silver robot wolf's claws.He grabbed the bikie and flung the ball out the window . It winked out . But the entity came back in . I heard it scream , "that's my baby , she killed my baby , don't take it out , that's my baby " Inside her was a strange toddler sized shape not spirit not demon . It was an energy container seeming like charred chocolate coloured rubber like a doll baby .

Bill's head moved in trance and asked the teacher what is this ? The teacher said ,"it does not belong there , it must go ".Bill began to change in his countenance to an angel soft merciful unperturbed energy once more . He bundled it up and it was taken away by angels . Then we gave them proactive advice to prevent recurrence and had a coffee and left . We had to go back to that home 4 times. Bill tells "customers" that he won't come more than 7 times. After that he says they are wasting his time. Whenever she would drink and black out or use a bit of marijuana she and the home would become attached by negs again. Her sister dobbed her in and said that she was lying to us and had become so drunk she coded from alcohol poisoning and died and was rescussitated in hospital.

Bill never charges .He will not even take petrol money . But no one else we know does this work anymore . I do not feel capable of doing it alone . I will assist him though . Bill would like a young apprentice to take this up since he is so old now . Bill was 79 when we went to that home in 2007. I am 56. We know so many magicians locally but none will train to be exorcists. It is necessary work. We only know one other that works locally and she is 40 now. It is inherently risky work but anyone who can feel, see, hear, fly and call can train with angels for free. Gabriel seems to begin the training concerning protecting innocents and healing from neg wounds and Michael continues the training concerning banishing and cleansing. Samael teaches exorcism . Solomon and Christ teach this path too.

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Congrats SecretGrotto on your retention practice. I know what you mean as it has been a huge blessing here as well. What's funny is that I did the same thing as you ! I spent a full day cleaning my home and I even went into my closet and threw out all the old clothes, books, boxes and things that I no longer serve me. Before I would make excuses and say " oh I will sell it to a 2nd hand store etc" but not this time, straight to the garbage bin haha. Negs are everywhere I agree and the more energetically mindful you become the more you will be aware of them.


Most of them are encoded in two areas. Memory and genetics with environment being the third. Which is funny because genetics is a form of memory ! In modern neuroscience and genetics there is a term called epigenetics which if you have the time I recommend you research. The main gist is that any positive or negative practices in your life get encoded in your DNA and you pass them along to your children. Likewise your parents practices have been passed onto you which tallies with your experiences with your mother. The amazing thing about this field of study is that they are finding out you can actually change your own DNA ! That's what we are doing here via meditation, positive thinking , love projecting practices, etc we are changing our DNA and also changing our future childrens DNA as well. This is an incredibly motivating thing to know and remind ourselves of as we are going about our day to day lives.

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Just took a shower tonight and used Sandalwood soap. I always come out of the shower feeling so much lighter. Regularly cleansing is highly encouraged. Even with daily energetic practice .....sometimes is still not enough.....cleansing with physical materials (incense, soap....etc) is still highly beneficial.


My 2 cents, Peace

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Being able to change something so physical and hardcoded as DNA is very exciting, juliank, it reminds me that everything in this life can be overcome.


Addicts are naturally inclined to take long showers as it is an excellent means of grounding. Of course, OldChi is not an addict, I'm just saying ;) . Interestingly enough, humans are very adept at dealing instinctively with Negs. If we are depressed or of a bad mood we instinctively do things that make us feel better, like getting fresh air or some sunshine. We also instinctively avoid people with bad neg attachments, we can feel the negativity around them intuitively.


I realized now why Jesus was baptised in a river, because flowing water removes Neg attachments which would interfere with a Christening. Rightly, Churches should loop a garden hose through the church, make a hole in the hose and spray the person so that the water stream is flowing and grounded, like a tiny shower.


In the Biography of Wang Liping, when he left his body during a thunderstorm, the three teachers took on full garb with ceremonial Daoist swords, standing vigilant guard. Robert Bruce says that earth bound spirits mostly have a medium to exist in because of the electrical field of the earth, due to thunder constantly infusing the field.


It would then make sense that a local thunderstorm can heighten Neg activity and pose a greater threat of interference.


I do now have a greater 'respect' for how badly Negs can affect me. Previously I would not have seen a logical reason to avoid 'haunted' places, but I do now believe that the bad things that you can 'pick-up' from such places can seriously sully one's life.


Incidentally, this morning at exactly 3:07AM my father shouted and argued momentarily in his sleep. I kid you not, 3:07AM. Maybe we can even instigate Neg infections in a home by watching certain horror movies. I have watched the Conjuring one too many times, in which the time of haunting is 3:07AM. Coincidence? This is also the haunting hour in Vice, so maybe collective consciousness gives life and power to this?


So I stood up and walked through the house for another cleansing, finding my father's computer spontaneously starting up from hibernation. So I turn it off, moments later it starts up again on its own... Maybe that's just a software/hardware neg.


Robert Bruce also states that it is 'unwise' to let a Neg know that you are aware of their presence, as it might lead them into a full onslaught of attack. Some Negs are psychic, so they know your thoughts, and they are constantly looking for an 'in' and permission to latch fully on to you.


But fear not, your Higher Self protects you and knows your real desires, so if you are wrongly manipulated to give permission then in some cases it will not change anything. Like I said, we humans are experts at dealing with negs, if we are of sound mind and not too far down the path of, say, addiction.

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Salt water, most awesome stuff ever! :)


Aside from all the external (as you call them) negs, we also sometimes create our own. I've seen folks do it, which is.. not pleasant.


Most of the affects (and solutions) you are talking about seem to be related to humans who have died, from what I have found. Accept past the desires one, that sounds different.


Cleansing baths are awesome too, there are dozens of different varieties for different things, depending on tradition.


IMO Robert Bruce is one of the very few (if not only one) author who actually touches on some good stuff in the spirits and other worlds topics! :)

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You have some wrong and some correct ideas about negatives.


Water: I definitely advise to learn partial and complete ablutions in Islam. Muslims always have ablutions before daily prayers. You caught a very good point here.


Horror Movies: Never watch them. Never.


Pray to God Almighty.


If you want to talk privately, send me a PM. When I say something in an open forum, there is always somebody either not understanding or attacking me.

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As long one has a port for a particular Neg,

one invite them and get influenced, since it is a

interference effect.


It is like the "mirroreffect" or "pacing" in NLP terms.

The unseen force is equal to treat like person

one meet.

It cause the mirroreffect if one has affection.

One has the more or the less impact depending

on the resonance one has.


For example a neg that cause anger try to make

a human more angry.

But if this person has no resonance the neg has little



One can always clean them away.

Someday one get to become the Lotusflower

who not gets dirty by the dirt,then one not

need to clean them.

A sun that shines, removes all darkness,

it not go to burn the darkness away.

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