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Another tao bum in new york

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This will be a short post, mostly for time costraints.

As I said here and there I am coming to new york. I shall arrive friday around 1ish pm.

I am coming to partecipate at a one week of research from the mind and life institute. Institute that was founded by the Dalai Lama and some scientists with the aim of studying with good, real, grounded science the effect of contemplative meditation on the brain. This week (in which the Dalai Lama will not be there -before you all send me the laundry list of questions you want me to ask him) was organized inviting meditators and scientists (doctors in particulars). I applied as a double class (as we would have said in good old AD&D terminology), while thinking I was not going to be accepted. Half because I am not a doctor (I work in bio informatics) and half because I am not a buddhist. And although they say they were looking for contemplative meditators all the results that were promoted were done on vipassana meditation and similar. But they accepted me. Their form with which I was supposed to describe what do I practice did not even consider taoism as a possibility.


The week starts on sunday at midday, and ends on saturday morning. I fly back on sunday evening.


This means that I shall be around NY for the whole day of saturday (but not the evening because of jet lag), and during most of sunday.


I will be staying at Max house, whose house I could actually find this morning on the new google street service :).


Whoever wants to bum around on saturday afternoon is welcome. If the weather is nice we might go to a park and do some tai ji, and share stories.

Still, I suppose I shall pass the saturday morning studying, as I have been given some hundreds of pages of previous results to read (or at least abstract-read). I can't give you my phone number as I am not sure if the european phone will work in NY, but just PM me, and we shall try to organize on friday evening. I shall also ask if I am allowed to give away the list (which should be ok, since the results are official results in medical journals), and then post is somwhere, maybe in the article section.


Hope to see many of you.


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