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mantra vibrations/ words...and stuff or something

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vowels in mantra, and direction of vibration


U - Up

A - outward

i - inward

m - downward (grounding)



the uses or meanings of a lot of words we use correspond with the vibrations


people laugh HAHA its very upward and outward.


upper is usually heaven, so a lot of positive words the vibrations may be higher..


the word Hell is almost entirely lower vibrations


the word earth is almost entirely middle(chest) vibrations


basically just sounding out words out loud and comparing the corresponding vibrations to meanings





wow maybe i should check my grammar.

popular mantras : OM this is upward and downward at same time, so it is both root and crown chakra, the two are connected so powerful.


YAM: grounding and outward from heart. strong for activating all chakras and raising energy from earth

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There's an old Kabbalic vowel system I use, Abulafiah's. A, Aiee, is felt/referenced to the top of the head. E, Eeee, is throat area, that a pretty natural one to feel. Ahh, Haahhhh, is heart area, you see that in many systems of kotodama (sacred sound). O, Ohhhhw, is stomach area, Oooo is is even lower stomach.


Shinto uses the same vowel system but is less body directed. I like the incorporation of consonants, eMm, aRr. One teacher said they should be focused inward, as if speaking to the back of the neck to fully appreciate there vibration.

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