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within this labyrinthian ruins of the mind

doth i create the fabrics of eternity

casting shadows across each drape and fold

darting forth, here and there

seeking that which was never lost

frantically, i hurried on my way.


one morning

as i lay half asleep

a dream did i have

of worlds so vast

unfathomable thru lifetimes

suddenly i awoke with a start

i realized the discontent which plagued me

day upon grueling day

and crimsoned nights of high revelry

this eternal search

was no more than nought

and, from that moment on

i search no more.

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The gentle breeze it flows,and only I know it ,

by the pull of the sail and the tilt of the rudder I press.

If I but lift my hands

,to what rocky shores or sargasso seas shall I be drawn?


From this swaying perch

I see but blue unchanging sea and sky.

So question I ,this vessel most untested.

All answers in dumb reply , say "yes ",

and in saying so

say nothing.


Speculating birds float aloft ,deciding if to rest,

and ride along unfed a bit , biding time ,

till unknown random stirs their wings.

Let sails be full , and drag me on?

For I will never know till I am there,

what destiny for me does hold.


What choice is there between seeming same, and,which seems the same?

Count provisions for trips of unknown span,

while setting anchor lonesome?,

bristling cannon brought to bear ,against imagined enemies unseen?


So choiceful action removed from me,

by unresistance I drift the faster peaceful waves,

and softly nod unconcerned,

the quiet stars beckon to dreams.

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Strong ties
swaddle all the world
of space and time
can't break them if I tried
they are such strong ties
strings of pulsing light
I feel its pulse now
break and crystallize
I feel the moon's pull
pull me out into forbidden skies

Strong ties
mystery of mysteries
I've heard lies
ringing in our histories

of strong ties
pulling us along
into the wrong skies
where the sun is wrong

and all the songs

are mirrors that distort some other songs

Strong ties
and a deeper secret yet
the wrong skies
roaring like a turbo jet

and strong ties
pulling me along
they know where time flies
when Time flies home
and where Time dies
in the depth beneath the crystal dome

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Life lived, just existing,

is that enough for our heart, our spirit?

Do the songs that slumber deep in the minuscule, unending crevices of our spirit,

stagnate and rot?

There is nothing more vile then an existence without spark,

Without songs being sung,

For life is music, a symphony of notes and experiences,

tastes and textures,

Within is a well, a spring for which no end is sighted,

Open, it whispers, let me out, drink from me, it cries!

And so we shrivel, we harden, we cry silently with dry tears,

echoing shrieks in the night of our heart of hearts.

We die each day, more then the last.

For what is death, if not decay?

What is death, if not stagnation?

What is death, if not the absence of vitality?

This well, this spring of vigor, of vitality is life itself!!

Calling forth to us in the deepest recesses of our minds!

Go forth, let me bubble and churn, spray and yearn!

It whispers, softly in your ear.

To follow our heart, our spirit and let this virile and vital passion well up,

Bubble into our heart and spirit, into our lives,

Is this not the act of living?

To not just exist, to live!

Life becomes a dance, a play, a symphony,

Love fills the air, fragrances explode with texture,

Sights and sounds, tasted before, now tasted with a new, refreshed sense!

Let go of stagnation. Begone, you cry!

Let go of repression. Begone, you cry!

Let go of apathy. Begone, you cry!

Taste the well of life within your heart,

you will want for nothing else,

its sweet waters soothing your beaten, tender heart,

bringing vitality and passion where there was only stagnation.

Bringing with it the gift of life. A life lived with passion.

With love.

With hope.

With bliss.

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Walking aimlessly

I remain still

a glimmer of light

and then forgotten




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I reached out to a fellow wanderer

but he only sees shadows

and colored lights

and memories of another time

he tries to walk in circles

in a high walled narrow alleyway

one day he will move on from there

plenty of other varieties and tastes

besides green




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One day I stepped out

into a green meadow

Dawn just broken

and the sky was still grey


I closed my eyes

and reached into the sky

while reaching down

into the ground, all the way


The vastness of space

between the sky and the earth

disappeared in a moment

of ascending grace


The mother that she is

she lovingly looked down upon me

yet I stood stock still

On her beautiful face

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