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Cool bodyweight workout

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I'm lurking a bit on the dragondoor forum. It's interesting to see that getting burned out on 2 pood training seems pretty common. KBs are truly a high rep training tool at heart.


Here's a cool workout I found by a well known BJJ trainer:



I wanted to get in a conditioning, flexibility workout before the Eagles played on Monday Night Football. I have been combining elements of Naked Warrior/Combat Conditioning with Power yoga. I like to make up my own vinyasas. I also like to flow from one move to the other. Here is last nights routine. I also enjoy keeping time rather than always counting reps. There is no pressure to hit a certain number- whatever I can do, I do.

1. 5 minutes sun salutaion A from power yoga

2. 10 minutes of breathing Hindu squats

3. 5 minutes hindu push-ups on a Irani push-up board

4. 10 minutes sunsalutation B from power yoga

5. Roman chair sit-ups on a foot stool (feet anchored under the couch)

6. Glute ham raises with daughter sitting on feet

7. 3 minutes of reverse push-ups (aka body weight rows)

8. 3x5 hanging leg raise

9. 5 wall walks

10. breathing wrestlers bridge 30 breaths

11. straddle stretch for three minutes

12. plow stretch for three minutes

I then sat and sweated for 10 minutes. I had donned a heavy sweat shirt and pants because I like to sweat. When I started to cool down, I went outside and doused myself with a 5 gallon bucket and toweled dry with a coarse towel massage. I was now ready to watch the game.

Steve Maxwell




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In the beginning of reading that set, i thought "hmm, this guy's inventive - fun!". Then later, "shit!, this guy is insane, is he doing all what i think he's doing ... he's in very good shape".

Then, the signature:

Steve Maxwell
Ooh. :roll:

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