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COG wheel breakdancing skills and dantien

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Watch this first:



then...think about control of will over nerve plexus in dantien area, what does it mean? How to integrate - it confounds me....the will- where does it lie? - to make stuff like that happen boggles my mind...I am so confused. just kidding...thought you guys would like this. Breakdancing is like tai chi in many ways....why do I say this? Because in order to control the body, you must move like an animal - 5 animal styles, right? to train? Dance = better tai chi...never doubt that you aren't dancing every second of every day!


oh they wouldnt let me post here for some reason...anyways go see it real quick...if you want, and then...remember that COG = center of gravity and if you don't know what that is, please look up physics principle and know that dantien is in same area...let's discuss this relationship and its evolutionary meaning.

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