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soaring crane

little intro, from Gemany

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I'm an expatriot American, New Yorker to be precise, living in the German countryside for 11 years now. I've practiced various forms of Qigong and other meditation for as long as I've been here. I recently finished a 3-year teacher certification course which allows me to tell people that I'm authorized by the German Qigong Society to hold courses in their name.


I'm self-aware enough to know that no certification process qualifies me any more than anybody else to share the wonders of Qi with other people (but the unemployment office here offered to pay for the course so, although I'm a bit spacey at times, I ain't stupid). The certification also brings me recognition from the Health Insurance companies here but I know I'm not a real expert, so long as they think so though, it's ok with me.


Anyway... I love Qigong and I've gone through various aspects of it and would just like to join in on some of the cool conversations that I've seen here. I'm not nearly as mystically-oriented as many of you, but I still enjoy your insights tremendously. As you can see, I've scoured the discussions a little already...


Peace, Inner :mellow:

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