[HHC Study] Hua Hu Ching Chapter 11

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Does one scent appeal more than another? Do you prefer this flavor, or that feeling? Is your practice sacred and your work profane? Then your mind is separated: from itself, from oneness, from the Tao. Keep your mind free of divisions and distinctions. When your mind is detached, simple, quiet, then all things can exist in harmony, and you can begin to perceive the subtle truth.


Walker's HHC 11




The master said, "Kind prince, what do you think? When I was a pupil at my master*s side, did I learn anything that would make me feel sanctimonious?"

"No, Venerable Teacher, you learned nothing that would make you feel sanctimonious."

"Well then, kind prince, what do you think? Is the residence of the Universal One very sublime?"

"No, Venerable Teacher, where the Universal One resides cannot be defined in that manner. If it could be defined in that manner, it would not be the achievement of total integration which cannot be touched with a fragmented mind. Yet it may be called the Life of the Most Sublime. Therefore, one should keep one*s mind pure, simple, plain and untouched. One should not disintegrate one*s mind by creating dualistic concepts of different forms, sounds, smells, flavours, or anything else that fosters the illusion of separation. In order to reach complete integration, one must dedicate one*s being wholly to the integral truth."

"Tell me, kind prince," said the master, "if someone*s body were as big as the Mountain of Enormity, do you think his body would be

very large?"

"It would be huge, Venerable Teacher. But why do you ask such a question?"

"Kind prince, the formless body of the integral truth is immeasurably vast, and yet it is also immeasurably small! Small and large are both conceivable, but can you cease thinking? The simple, natural reality is the same whether you think of it as large or small."


Ni's HHC 11

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Wonderful quotes. It's all in the mind; the separation, the illusion. When we realize that every human being is 'us' it makes living with other people all the more tolerable. We all want the same things; to be fed, to be comfortable, to feel acceptance.


The integration which cannot be touched by a fragmented mind is that integration of seeing all as One and loving all as one's self. But the dichotomy of this is that to love one as one's self, this assumes that one loves one's self. To love the self is probably the hardest thing to do because we know how we feel on the insides. This is where it becomes crucial to keep our thoughts elevated and judgment out of the mind as much as possible. After all, that jerk flipping you off for cutting him off in traffic is You.

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