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There say there are two types of people in this world. Those who love musicals, and those that dont.


I am one of the former. I would like to present for discussion the funky-ass 70's musical Jesus Christ Superstar.


Shot on location in Israel, with the desolate landcape & ruins used as the film set, the characters arrive on a rusty bus wearing denim flares & beaded necklaces of the (70's) period.


The apostle Judas represents the rational mouthpiece of Jesus and the disciples' circumstances, caring for the implications of their movement, and the possible impacts upon Jesus whom he loves, and upon Roman occupied Israel itself. His character brings into question topical issues like the man vs the message, a man vs a god, and the direction of their movement. Thus a power struggle ensues between the two protagonists, setting the stage for a very human portrayal of each characters perspectives, & their personal concerns including Jesus's discomfort of an agenda-based elevation, and his own struggles within his personal journey.


Here's a few clips from the movie:


Judas setting the scene for the movie - the opening song (Too Much) Heaven on their Minds.


The Disciples - Ecstatic (What's the Buzz would have been more suitable, but couldnt find a good version)


Jesus's doubt - no transfiguration.



Love to hear some constructive comments here.


Next installment: Martin Scorcese's "The Last Temptation of Christ"

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This is the new 2012 adaptation of Jesus Christ Superstar, featuring poilce riots, a captured Jesus in Guantanamo Bay prisoners clothing, theatrical evangelic TV sermons, and characters in corporate business suits.


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