All wars are banker wars

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I'm reading the article to the video, and although it sounds credible, one paragraph suddenly hit me like a hammer:


"The clear US policy shift following 9-11, away from being an impartial broker of peace in the Mideast to one of unquestioned support for Israel's aggressions only further eroded confidence in the Petrodollar deal and even more oil producing nations started openly talking of oil trade for other global currencies."

Does the guy have no clue about the long consistent history of US imperialism, about the difference between official gestures and actual ulterior motives?


Maybe he's falling into the common habit of explaining everything with the same thesis.


How can he believe against massive evidence that the USA didn't provide unwavering support to Israel's belligerent behavior and acts of cruelty even before 9/11?



The article has a point though. It's not far off to assume that those who control things at the very top are also pulling all the strings, directly or indirectly.

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