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I just heard Marcinko, the CEO of SOS Temps... mercenary outfit.


He says that the difference between a Seal and a mercenary is that the Seal doesn't get much experience due to commanders being afraid of running too many aggressive missions and being worried about public opinion re: casualties. Once deployed, a seal needs to follow all sorts of rules which further inhibits them. And the Seal makes close to minimum wage.


Mercenaries are driven, well-trained, get a lot of experience, and they don't retire either so there's a lot of experience out there too and well paid can make over 250k/yr and up. I don't know if their not retiring would get them to 100 (as "Healthy to 100" suggests). He alluded that casualties in the mercenary forces tend to be lower in that they get a mission but no guidelines/top down protocol so they can do it the right way.


Making that kind of money is good for morale too... you don't have to get hung up on right and wrong the way most soldiers do.


I'm quite the dove, of course, but interested in the ways of the world.

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