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My name is Aziz. I've been practicing qi gong more than 15 years. I started them with Mantak Chia's inner smile. Today I'm practicing 3 different Daoist Sect's Nei Gong practices. On lvl 1.
I learned Xing Shen Zhuang Fa from David Verdesi on 2002. And in last 2 years I began to practice Da Mo Pai's Nei Gong step 1 and Mo Pai's Nei Gong Step 1. Pai as you know means "school".

Also I'm practicin and teaching Yi Jin Jing. The formal method of Da Mo Pai which the school of Bodhidharma or DaMo. I mostly practiced traditional forms of qi gong. I met with an "immortal", "sage" on these years. Yes I saw with my eyes he got really exciting powers.

After all these years spending on qi gong I started to realize a different path. I'm mostly practicing ZaZen meditations now. All the qi gongs are helping my meditations.
I'm here to learn different stages of meditations and traditional paths.

Practices that I learned and still using:

Xing Shen Zhuang Fa

Xİng Gong Ba Gua

Yi Jin Jing

Stillness Meditation

Shen Zhen Gong

Nei Gong - Part 1, Step 1. Fullfilling the lower dantien with yang qi.




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