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using sexual energy

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Use whatever engergy you've got at any giveng moment. (It's easier said than done)


If you are not sure, just wait without any intent. The "inspiration" may come.


Trust the system, if you play "dead", the system will try to kick start you.

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In the subtlety of nonorigination, what is the difference between "you" and the "energy"?


I will say it is the situation itself carrying the karmic dna of which you are included. It is possible to discuss qualities of energy, but that would be akin to making observations on the surface conditions of a killer wave you are surfing. Once noted, it's where you are on the wave right now that matters.


It is creative potential which is driving the event. Being one with the wave is riding potential. You influence yourself using potential to match creation to stay centered. The ripples and boils on the surface of the wave are constantly changing too. Climate changes. Climate changing for the better or worse relative to…? It is best to deal with the situation with the least psychological baggage. The whole thing is always going down anyway. It all gets so rhetorical (in terms of analysis).


Other than that, Jeff, it all depends on how clear you can remain in the face of changes that transpire in the course of events.


One's part in subtle operation is maintaining equipoise in terms of the pivot of evolution. One has to be there from the start. Actually one always is because It is oneself. But if one's dharma eye is unclear, it is impossible to see what's real.


Before arousal requires balance; After feeling entails harmony. So differentiating between self and energy is very far removed from the pivot of nonorigination in terms of self-reflection.


Let's say you want to use a relationship between self and energy to arrive at the pivot of evolution. If that is actually possible, I would have to say that any process of arrival needs to be an immediate, spontaneous, charmed, magical, fated realization. It's kinda like feeling lucky. One just knows.


The statement was, "Conceiving an intent has already left the subtlety of nonorigination." That is, using self-reflective criteria, one has already left the pivot of awareness and is now going along with creative evolution by being caught up in one's own views.


Keeping this tendency to a minimum is the work of self refinement using the temporal. This is using yin to refine yang once the killing energy has risen in terms of yin convergence once the situation is going down. But entertaining views in the yang phase must absolutely be avoided as this skews potential objective awareness from the start.


It's fine to be aware of others' karmic involvement (even if others' intent is imagining innocent bystanding). There are no innocent bystanders, ever. The initial yang phase is inexorably followed up by the killing energy of yin convergence. So clarity is essential in terms of readiness to withdraw potential.


Involvement in affairs does not require extending one's potential. One meets the requirement of the situation, that's all. One uses one's potential in adapting to the situation itself. It is there by virtue of the event itself; it isn't yours​ in absolute terms. You just ride it. It's you already. But clarity entails selfless equilibrium. This is the virtue of detachment. Detachment good. Attachment baaad.


So if you are clearly aware of the pivot of awareness; the celestial mechanism, there is no difference between anything, because in terms of the pivot, it doesn't matter. And it won't matter as long as you flow in the center. But that takes skill and experience. Eventually, it gets easier, depending on the situation— but the sphere of one's breadth is ever-growing for enlightening beings.


It's like performance art in a way. We don't ever know how it is going to go down, because there is no intent in terms of outcomes. The spirit of nonpsychological awareness pushes us along if we're clear.


We are always surrounded by an infinite horizon without choosing directions. We just find out.


Yin and yang is a sexual relationship. Flesh and blood sex is a heavy bevy too, but there is absolutely no difference in the functional relationships as you arrive at the workings of abstraction far-removed from pus and blood. It is a continuum. Yin and yang come to unify in oneself, as oneself. This is the basis of sudden realization. It's why we see it in the singularity of the nonoriginated. It is, in fact, miraculous~ but no less equally so, and as naturally so, as the quickening of the ovum when sperm penetrates egg.


It is, in fact, a seamless continuum from the gross to the ineffable. It is but a hairsbreadth, but the difference is inconceivability itself.


The unification, the sexual consummation of the two things in oneself is completely real and one reverts to the Causeless. Self refinement is purifying and harmonizing fire and water, yin and yang. The timing is due to the celestial, but being ready is up to you.


One is subtle, selfless and perpetually clear nonoriginated unity. The manifold is gross, differentiated, revolving, stultified energy. One has no beginning; other has endless permutations. Enlightening beings ride out these endless transformations. Ultimately the energy is you. Going beyond levels, nonorigination is undifferentiated selfless awareness. Coming from here, one sees through situations, energy, self.




ed note: tweak some phrases, add a few lines and wrangle a few typos… yeehaa!

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Hi Deci,


Thank you. Your post makes a lot of sense. And as you said... "Ultimately the energy is you".


Best wishes, Jeff

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Interesting questions, I will try to answer from my own experience from a purely practical view.


I think many exercises involving semen retention were developed in a time where the sexual behavior was different. Today media has taken over and the frequency of average ejaculation for youths are unnaturally high and has increased over last hundred years and more so the last 20 years.


My own theory is that a major reason people are overeating these days is because they spend a lot of sexual energy in life. The more often you ejaculate, the more your body will crave for food since the manufacture of new sperm is very costly for your organs and energy and needs plenty of food.


So today we have converted us to high capacity metabolism machines. This is quite contrary to Tao and Longevity since the faster your metabolism is, the faster your cell cycles will be, and given the facts that we only have a limited number of cell renewals programmed in our bodies, our lifespan therefore will be shorter. Just look at this video


(Not much about Taoism but explains why one reason for aging is overindulgence).


So.. that is one of the reasons saving your semen and sexual essence promotes to long life (if done right and not by force). They who save and transmute their semen don't need much food or sleep. They go into a kind of "hibernation mode".


I begun in a group with other people that confirmed this philosophy of using sex in connection to spirituality - however my biggest problem was nocturnal emissions about once every month and my instructor gave me some good tips about that. (Two of them was not to drink or eat late, another was to get up in early morning (about 3-4) and meditate an hour).


I had a very strong "energy-awakening" back at 2000 and another 2001... Because of unspoiled and saved energy I had an extraordinarily joyous energy awakening. Among else I remember I was inspired by the book "The Secret of the Golden Flower". This booj teaches a simple top down - meditation approach almost like Chan meditation.


However I have also been in relationships (although I am celibate now for some years), and I can attest verily that loss of sex energy = loss of life energy.


So I recommend start by eating lighter food since its very difficult to save semen over a long time if continue to eat much and heavy food. It doesn't mean you have to become a vegetarian, just eat what is light and avoid heavy proteins and refined carbon (like sugar, white flour, etc.). See my post


Then one could think of starting some regular exercising. Maybe try walking fast in nature, start mild jogging (not fast), or train lightly with your own body on a regular scheme. But don't over train since it that will use a lot of energy that you need to build up yourself.


Just these small changes will normally make one feel very good after saving about 30 days (but you already feel change after 10 days).


Another stage is to transmute it to mental and emotional energy. This will involve reading interesting texts, writing, solving puzzles or the like. Also listening to some quality music -maybe classical, playing instruments or painting. Dancing can also be good. Reduce habits like watching TV (or at least only some selected programs) or listening to dark music with low vibrations. There are more things to this list but you can feel into it and add yourself.


What about fears of conserving semen? In my opinion, if just done gradually the channeling of energy in other ways are no danger. Also nature has an own "venting" - that is nocturnal emissions. If your system are not ready then it will go out anyway like a tree full off apples that are not harvested.. apples must fall down sooner or later.. We don't need to force body to let anything out much less than we need to give blood transfusions on regular basis.




This involves meditation that controls breath and circulates chi in ourselves. It can be calm awareness on certain points (Tiens) to help energy move, but this needs to be studied carefully. Its also practices that opens the microcosmic orbit (referenced by MCO).


Mantak Chia in his book Awaken Healning Energy writes:



Opening the back channel is like bringing fresh air to a stuffy

room. Your spinal column and head will be refreshed, the nerves
will be activated, and the extra oxygen and blood flowing to your
brain will make you feel more alert, more alive.


A sign that you are on the right path is that you feel your breath very easy, as going by itself, and slow, very deep and silent. If normal breath is 70% air and 30% chi you now have the reverse. You will do rev. abdominal breathing naturally, not by effort. Also that you might feel much pure saliva like a fluid pouring down from your head. You will notice this by the taste of the saliva that will be very pure and the need to swallow often. Also the eyes will be whetted and moisten by the same very clear fluid. You will feel very relaxed and an aura of bliss will surround you.


The "magic" you request in this post (telepathy, healing abilities, seeing your inner organs, talking with animals, changing weather at will to mention a few) should never be forced or expected. It may come as result of energy transmutation in ripe time. If one persists in this new lifestyle over longer period the energy will itself come to a "transformation point" where the Jing converts to Chi and we will feel full of energy and if it is the first time a great cleansing of our channels will automatically start (since its needed).


This will not be mistaken; it will be very powerful like something goes through our full body inside out. The energy will go from stale thought-earth to "black thick oil", black water, white water, the lastly pure air / light, etc. This happen to me over a period about 1-2 months. I was lying in bed with full erection and full inner energy for hours. No thought of sex or anything (not induced by that), just pure ecstasy and energy moving and expansion. I had no need for sleep. This is some stages of the inner energy modifications that one will experience. And after the upper bodily orbit is open the other channels like those on the head and down the legs to the heels and foots and also arms and hands, will be opened. The reason this happen in a second phase is that the central orbit (perineum, spine, brain and front) - must first be opened before we can connect to outer cosmic energies via top of head and feet. When that happen the mystery of feeling the Infinite below our feet and above our heads will happen.


One year after I had a second experience but the the energy came as I felt trough the top of head and down and was more subtle. But it grew slowly an area of peace and thick magnetic bliss around me that was reinforced by walks in nature and simple exercises. It lasted for some months also. It comes and goes for me. I am still learning new things and especially by posts here! :)


Sometimes we can go over period of times just feeling dry and empty. Then suddenly something happen that makes the chi move and transmute. It can be "shaktipat" from a master (his energylevel will be induced). It can be pure love or energy from opposite sex that mixes with yours and magic will happen. Or an inner pathway that suddenly opened up. A small thing that open the window to your inner room and let fresh air in.


Just some of my experience! Good Luck!

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I have experimented with controlling/ channeling sexual energy so that when masturbating/ having sex, I dont ejaculate.

The goal being to circulate the energy/ let it move within.


I have found that the energy wants to move if you just infuse awareness into it. let it expand/ move.


I had been pondering the idea that male sexual energy is Fire and female sexual energy is Water....


The man has to slow down/ cool off, while the woman needs to heat up.


So, I tried using breathing, slow, deep, breathing along with infusing awareness into the sensations.


Sensation comes up strong, pause, feel and allow to expand/ move, breathe into the huiyin....then continue.


What I found was that if you can cool your Fire down, using breathing, the energy seems to move...or maybe gets moved by the breath.

Its not trying to explode out of you as much.


You can go and not ejaculate. The sensations, interestingly, also increase. You become more sensitive and can feel the energy more accurately.


After doing that once, I felt stronger internally. Like a space was filled, somewhat.


Anywho, thats just my experience. No idea what its really doing, yet. Or what it will do later. Just experimenting and seeing how the various systems integrate and work together.


Hopefully someone will find this useful!



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When one absorbs potential and stores it in secrecy, the evolutionary process of spiritual refinement is natural.


An analogy is when you eat. You don't have to do anything about it— it's a natural process after that.


One's virtue, as turtle shell and suninmyeyes have pointed out, determines one's natural capacity to accomplish self-refinement and spiritual development unbeknownst to anyone.


Erotic energy is definitely IT, but you don't use it. That's how you use it. It's not about the situation, it's just you.


Very well said! I agree completely.

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On 08.01.2013 at 8:36 AM, nine tailed fox said:

ok so there are many threads regarding conserving your sexual energy


but i wanna know what are some of the ways/techniques to use this sexual energy for spiritual progress........?


We are constantly dealing with sexual energy. In fact it is the same energy that we spend in everyday life. I think that it can be used as a field (or as living material) for spiritual development. For example, constantly balancing your energy, and vice versa, do not let the energy to take yourself out of balance. 

I think that it is not correct to separate spiritual development with the development of energy. While we are alive we are one with our spirit, energy and body. That is my opinion.


Sicerely, Pavel.


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Sexual energy is a normal sign of progress. It shows up as we are getting more an more sensitive to the energy hitting upon our obstructions.


You will feel it in practice, in a meeting, as you are driving around town. You will begin to feel energy from around you, from other people and as that energy hits shared issues it can feel sexual.


Part of the process is to not grasp at the energy when it is feeling good or when it is to much for you. The goal at this point is to just be and let the energy flow through.


Over time as you clear out more, that sexual aspect of feeling the energy that way will start to go away and will change over time.


It is normal.


The most important aspect as has been mentioned earlier is the realization that you and the energy are one. Then it is only our clarity that limits what can be done.

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Hi konchog uma,


I can follow and accept your trend of thoughts - from my own interpretation of 'jing => qi => shen' in relation to personal journeys along this path.


On 1/9/2013 at 11:54 PM, konchog uma said:

Abundant shen is said to make the eyes bright and the cheeks rosy, and my teacher says that it is used in the mind and body in subtle ways, like communicating directly to someone elses mind, and knowing things about something just by looking at it, etc...what are called psychic phenomenon but stem from abundant spiritual energy.


Your account of shen can be perceived better and related to perhaps onjly by those who have journeyed well along the path? The journeys are not easy and linear.


Thank you for such clear and simple sharing.


- LimA

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On 1/9/2013 at 6:42 AM, Mokona said:

Jing is the base for chi and eventually shen. Deep squats/lower body excersise, stretching of the lower body and deep belly breathing help build jing(and everything else eventually).


Suggest doing these things while learning to relax, and relaxing as you do these things. it's a small part of using your sexual energy for cultivation.

I can second this for sure.  Deep squats, lower body stretching (think reaching to grab your toes) are amazingly potent.  Exercise in general is a stimulant of Jing. Since getting in shape 2 years ago and working out regularly my sexual energy is above and beyond what it was in my 20’s!  At that time though I was drinking heavily, smoking, and masturbating to porn regularly. I’m 47 now and feel full of vigor. Now I do cultivate but I’m not looking to be a Buddha so I emit on a regular basis, but my chi channels are much more open and healthy and feel it’s from a combination of diet, external exercise, and chi K’ung/meditation. I was just reading in “Tao & Longevity” how Master Nan says that once your channels in your legs are open the lotus will feel comfortable without numbness and when u stretch your legs out afterwards you feel a warm “good” feeling throughout your legs. I can confirm this is so and that warm, good feeling is also felt after my chi K’ung practice.  Hopeful sign posts on the path I like to think 😁.

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