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I hear a lot of the word, enlightenment. but I want to know what is the real meaning of it. The history of it. The symbolism and allegories used with it.


I want to understand where it all came from. It seems to be misunderstood as a lot of spiritual stuff are nowadays. Sometimes just going to the root of the term gives you insight.


i have no clue of what enlightenment truly is. All I know is that the Buddha became enlightened and became aware of everything. That's about it. What is enlightenment and how does it affect an individual? And how does one even reach enlightenment because if you look at the Buddhas, they reached enlightenment various ways. One was a cook and became enlightened so they have some monks in a monastery doing the job of a cook so that he can become enlightened. But I'm wondering is that if this is a big misconception of enlightenment. Also are there different types of enlightenment?


Anyone who knows the answer to this and/or have references, please share. :) I'm just trying to get through all of these modern day misconceptions.

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