Reconnective Healing

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I can't remember this being discussed so I'm posting on it.

I hope I didn't overlook a previous thread on it.


Has anybody tried Reconnective Healing?

I just recently heard about it.

It was found by Eric Pearl.

I don't know much about it yet except that practitioners tune into some energy and then like in some qigong and similar style's treatments the client's body parts will move involuntarily according to the movements of the healer's ends.

It seems to have some similarities to the marketing and organization of schools of Reiki, etc. in that initiation costs money. I think normally 333$.

Also there are some 'brand extensions' like Reconnective Yoga.


Here's a short clip with Eric Pearl.


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Dr. Eric Pearl is one of those. In his book, The Reconnection, Heal Others, Heal Yourself, Eric tells the story of his life, of becoming a chiropractor. Then he recounts his meeting with a Jewish gypsy fortune teller on Venice Beach. Against his better judgment, feeling like a sucker, he paid her $333 to reconnect him to the planet and other stars and planets.



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Dr. Eric Pearl is one of those. In his book, The Reconnection, Heal Others, Heal Yourself, Eric tells the story of his life, of becoming a chiropractor. Then he recounts his meeting with a Jewish gypsy fortune teller on Venice Beach. Against his better judgment, feeling like a sucker, he paid her $333 to reconnect him to the planet and other stars and planets.



Originally the meridian lines, sometimes called acupuncture lines, on our bodies were connected to the grid lines encircling the planet. These grid lines were designed to continue out and connect us to a vastly larger grid, tying us into the entire Universe. Over time we became disconnected from these lines.


The Reconnection ® brings in "new" axiatonal lines that enable us to standardize unique vibratory levels and frequencies for healing and ultimately, for our evolution. These axiatonal lines are part of a parallel-dimensional circulatory system that draws the basic energy for the renewal functions of the human body.


The Reconnection® brings in and activates these new lines, allowing for the exchange of light and information, the reconnection of DNA strands and the reintegration of 'strings' (simultaneously occurring or parallel planes of existence)


Personal Reconnections® are done in two sessions a day apart by a practitioner personally instructed by Eric Pearl. The first days session with me is an hour and one half to 2 hours. This includes the first part of the Reconnection® plus an intake time to help me understand issues with which you may want support. I create a flower essence formula from this intake if you wish.


The price for the Reconnection® is set at $333.00. The second day's session is approximately 1 hour.


The shifting that occurs as a result of your Reconnection® unfolds over a period of approximately 6 months time, often augmenting and subtly or not so subtly changing many aspects of your life. Frequently people notice more 'synchronicities' in their lives. Many times intuition is increased. Sometimes healing of physical or emotional issues manifests. Always the energy supports your higher good.

Yep, Eric Pearl's healing powers were supposedly awakened by an "axiotonal healing" by that card reader on Venice Beach, based upon 3-1-7 from The Keys Of Enoch (anyone read this entire book?).

Anyone had an axiotonal healing or gone to a Reconnection Healing seminar (seems the price has doubled now)?

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I undertook such thing in the past.

I would like to say one can pass this.

A thing to mention is that the concept of Sick Qi

is acknowledged but also that it is the intent

that one not take it in, which is an interesting concept.


The same can be found in Theta Healing which

is based on erasing believe pattern.


It cause not much difference in my life.

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Thanks for sharing. Do you think the practitioner makes a difference? Could you say why someone else might experience a benefit from the aligment?

This is due to strong believe.

"Choose the thing that gives you the strongest Placebo!"

It may not help me but others to unlock a piece of their

latent abillity.

I may have learn something that already covered

this aspect, so it doesnt add or free something from

my potential.

"A white cat or black cat? It is a good cat if catch mouse."


If you already have a cat that keep it to point it is

mouse clean then two cats not make it better.

In the beginning where there was the problem with

the population it may have helped.


I try to keep things neutral to not add my own force,

which is my own suggestive formular when I meet

a new teaching, since my desire is my curiosity what it

can do alone, especially because I know that teachers

can use psychology tricks and mind fallacy which

raise my doubts.


Most stuff is mind based by association of something

with another thing, triggering a chain of things

that are associated with it.

Also why one has to be careful what one keeps

in ones enviroment as well to keep a room plain

when one has problem to meditate.


One has to think that one is a cocreator in the universe.

The free will of oneself is limited to the free will of others.

By putting an expectation one may create a limted and linear outcome

and the chance is high as long it not conflict with the free will of others.

(This is why when one do lottery one has the conflict with some tenthousands

or millions of people who actually want to win.)

With selfhypnosis and autogene training one can raise the placebo effect

and anchoring different association.


So if it works good on oneself, mostly one is convinced by the idea.

Mostly one has read the book and is motivated with optimistic view

with this mindset and it is easier to trigger a good outcome.

As well one choose things that confirm ones own believe.


Mostly the problem is than one has not confidence in ones own

creation abillity. This is why one seek another person if one

not believe one can do it alone, even if one can.

So if the allignment seem to work

(one never know if it was the allignement for sure)

many positive factor was involved

which I now mention :


In the state one has the confidence and with the help of the practioner, healer

one tap into a synergy of cocreation.


It is not that the healer does the healing,

he does an act of healing (an act may heal and may not)

which if it has a lineage then is inherting

also the will of the pre-generation in additon.


As well the selfdevelopment and refinement

in body, soul,mind,energy and life and the acceptance

of the inner self of the patient raise the chance of healing

turning to a cure which in ideal is immediate and spontaneus!

(This why I like Franz Bardon concept of exercise as whole)


The exceptional can cause something something like this

but one has to be very precise or well cultivated in the specialisation.


One serves as healer like an example,

because of the mirror effect.

If someone nurse life, body, soul, energy and mind

then the patient who is mostly in

stressed way and disbalance can "remember"

how it was.


Remember the patient is self also a being of light.

only in a state which not resemble much of a being of light ^_^

which makes all human beings suffer the same as it seems!

Only in a different degree.


A mongolian shaman told me that in his tradition

male work on female and vice versa,

because of the potential difference.


A friend told me he could not treat his girlfriend

because they are often together and so healing

is so so.


It is said that people who have the

same problem can not solve the problem of others

with the same problem - I would like to say "less" good.

This why it is said :

"If one is not happy one can not make others happy"


This is why one has to work with ones crap, the shadows,

and what is lurking in the shadows.


The familiy healer, the cultivator in the family

serve as purpose of the balance and enrich it,

as long he not cause stress because of his dogma

and preaching but serve as example of sucess,

health, beauty, intelligence, wisdom and joy.


The family cultivator can be an inspiration for

those around. ^_^


Actually some people go to the seminars,

is the question if the change to the better

and keep cange to the better.

If they do then the seminar even from

standpoint of energetics, methology,

or even logic was more than enough.


Remember this words from the

"Last Unicorn" by Beagle

KING HAGGARD: The woman is right.  A master magician has not made me happy.  I will see what an incompetent one can do. You may go, Mabruk.


There is a whole scene which is more impressive

if one read it:

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So... i guess it's just me then.


i attended one of his first seminars back in either '97 or '98. at the time my body was still shorted out from the transmission i received from Howard Lee the year prior. i could no longer perceive or project energy from any place except my hands. everything else was shut down, burnt out, and i thought it was permanent.


my mother heard about him on some conspiracy theory radio talk show, and she brought it to my attention. back then i knew very little about anything, and i didn't know the difference between new age fluff and authentic spiritual teachings. lucky me, i guess, because that seminar turned everything around for me.


back then he didn't have a big program as he does now. he even said that what he had to offer didn't take more than an hour to transfer to everyone, but he made it two-day program because people wouldn't really value it otherwise. so he told a lot of stories that were just filling time, and he had us practice on each other. most of the women there seemed to be crushing on him, but i got the distinct feeling that he wasn't into women. truth be told, had he come out about his sexuality, he would not have attracted nearly as many students. it's a shame, really. but then again, i don't know definitively what his orientation is, i just remember all the awkwardness in the seminar from clingy women, and how he seemed to light up more around the fellas.


anywho, the lessons were pretty much bogus. everything of value could have been said in 20 minutes, yet the seminar ran for 2 days. and there was a lot of new agey belief stuff that didn't help one way or another. but the energy itself was legit. it was a much more gentle energy than what i had been working with, so a part of me felt like it was a step down, but pains and fevers and the feeling that my entire body was short-circuited... all that was healed by the time i went home. my relationship to the energy was very different. i didn't feel like i had the ability to boss it around like i had prior to master lee. but i was able to feel the presence of trees and people again. i was able to perceive beyond myself without the need to use my hands again. all in all, it was very good for me.


basically, anything you can say about his new agey-ness is probably true, and had i discovered him today, i never would have looked twice. but meeting him helped me in a pretty big way, so i remain grateful that he's out there doing what he's doing.


oh, i should probably add that it was only after receiving the reconnection that i started to have people twitching, shaking, and moving spontaneously when i worked on them.

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a friend/two friends gave me a "reconnective healing" when I was at their house doing a Qigong workshop.


The energy was very subtle/different than what I had felt before, I went into extremely deep stillness automatically.


It was like a white tingling, but the main thing is it is far more subtle than one realises.


Also as friend says they do not talk or acknowledge bad chi. This is good Imo because this mentality can become funny.


They said they watched me and my eyes were flickering really greatly, I had no idea.

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Could you elaborate, please? Just not as effective as advertised...or worse?


It was a reaction to the person, the man in the vest; I was reiterating what Turtle had written previously.


I would never entangle my energies with someone like this.

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