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Love is medicine, Joy too, What one focus on expands, Addiction to happiness

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Most people here probably know it/forgot it.


Anyways teaching myself/sharing epiphanies.


I had a cold and noticed when I pet my dog, the symptoms of my cold seem to dissapear used to do a lot of shaking medicine and this is powerful stuff too.


SO yeh, I guess Im not thinking (Oh I have a cold, how do I fix this problem? Why do I have this problem? Developing new circles/loops around it) As oppose to doing what you love/gives you joy/appreciate..completely changes the focus.


Also this is similar to when you draw/do art, if you try to draw something, something, something doesnt exist until you put your attention on it, then it expands.


So in living/thinking of the system (instead of trying to resist the system, think of how to avoid, whats bad about it) appreciation/do what makes one feel joy/focus on what/who/everything in terms of love...there was no problem in the first place.


Often I think just in terms of emptiness but unconciously the thoughts are something like "Oh I will get rid of these negative thought patterns/blockages then my life will be great" Yeh you can say dont think but in four hours of meditation there are going to be thoughts and once again it is unconscious.


EVen trying to explain/write this thread is focusing on changing the bad as oppose to the joy/love only just realised as I type, anyways I digress.


Also I noticed was reading a thread and It seems there is often an addiction to happiness this is perhaps paradoxical to what I was just saying but if in the mind there is always a clinging/resisting of thoughts/emotional oppose to just being with what is always, instead of always trying to chase a state(thought/belief)

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