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Prana (or life force) Copied From the Atharva Veda., XI, 4.

1. Praise to the Breath of Life!

He rules this world,

master of all things,

on which all things are based.


2. Praise, Breath of Life, to your uproar!

Praise to your thunder!

Praise to your lightning!

Praise, Breath of Life, for your rain!


3. When Breath of Life with his thunder

roars o'er the plants,

then, pregnant with pollen,

the flowers burst forth in abundance.


4. When Breath of Life in due season

roars o'er the plants,

all things on earth

rejoice with great rejoicing.


5. When Breath of Life the broad earth

with rain bedews,

the cattle exult:

"We shall have plenty," they say.


6. The plants converse with this Breath,

drenched by his moisture:

"Our life is prolonged,

for you have made us all fragrant."


7. Praise to you, Breath, when you come

and praise when you go!

When you stand up

and when you sit still, to you praise!


8. Praise to you, Breath of Life, breathing

both in and out!

To your turning this side

and that, to the whole of you, praise!


9. Grant us, O Breath, your dear form

and the one dearer still

that we may live!

Give us your healing power!


10. Breath of Life clothes all beings with care

as a father his son;

master of all things,

whether they breathe or breathe not.


11. Breath of Life is death, is fever,

revered by the Gods.

In the highest world

he sets the man who speaks truth.


12. Breath of Life is Queen, is Guide,

revered by all things;

he is sun, he is moon;

he is also the Father of all.


13. The two breaths are rice and barley,

Breath the ox that pulls.

In barley resides i

inbreath; out-breath is called rice.


14. A man breathes in, he breathes out,

within the womb.

Quickened by you,

to birth he comes once more.


15. The mighty Wind they call him, or Breeze.

The future and the past

exist in him.

On Breath of Life all things are based.


16. When you, Breath of Life, quicken them,

then the plants of the Atharvans and Angirases,

of Gods and of Men, come to birth.


17. When Breath has poured down with the rain

upon the vast earth,

then plants come forth

and herbs of every sort.


18. The one who knows you thus, O Breath,

and that which forms your support,

to him will all offer

tribute in yonder highest heaven.


19. Just as all creatures owe tribute

to you, Breath of Life,

so may they bring it

to the one who hears you, O renowned!


20. He moves among the Gods, an inner seed;

becomes, is, is reborn.

He has entered the son

he, the father, who was, is, and shall be!


21. If the sunbird, rising, extracted

his foot from the sea,

neither today nor tomorrow

would exist, neither night, day, nor dawn.


22. The eight--wheeled moves on one rim,

to and fro, thousand-syllabled.

With one half it engendered

all creation. Of its other half what sign?


23. Of all that is born is he Lord,

of all that moves.

Of swift bow like the rest,

to you, O Breath of Life, homage!


24. Of all that is born is he Lord,

of all that moves.

Untiring he, steadfast;

may my prayer bring Breath to my aid!


25. Erect he keeps watch among the sleeping.

he falls not prone.

None ever heard

that he among the sleepers should slumber.


26. Breath of Life, do not forsake me.

You are, indeed, I.

Like the Embryo of the Waters

I bind you to me that I may live!"



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