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Energy is one of three treasures, Essence (Jing), Energy (Qi), Spirit (Shen) that compose the human body. These are the theoretical cornerstones of traditional Chinese medicine and Taoist healing arts practices. The balance of these three Jewels is not only used to diagnose one’s health but also used for healing by bringing them into balance.


Energy healing comprises two aspects, self-healing and healing by others. Self-healing is making an effort by doing energetic practice such as Qigong exercises or Tai chi or Yoga or others. These self-healing practices play a major role in the prevention and treatment of some chronic illnesses. For self-healing, Sifu Jenny Lamb’s DVD “Qigong for Self-Healing, Series I” is a great presentation to support that effort. It provides substantial guidance to assist you to achieve your goal of Self-healing.


Healing by others is receiving energy from others. It is a most direct, fast and effective healing, if the healer is powerful. Sometimes, when a person is too weak to make effort on one’s own, energy healing from others is the best option for a quick recovery.


Bio energy is one of the vital elements that support our life. It is our vitality and we cannot live without it. A person, who has a lack of energy, is like withered flowers. Energy brings light and freshness to our existence. Bio energy comes from two primary sources, prenatal and postnatal. Prenatal is what we are born with, inherited from our parents. Postnatal comes from our food, drink, air, heaven and earth, etc. The energy from food takes a long time to process to become bio energy to sustain our life. If a person has severe fatigue or energy deficiency, bio energy transmitted from others is the fastest way to bring one’s energy level up, in order to stimulate one’s own ability for healing.


Nevertheless, energy healing is far beyond just bringing one’s energy up. The therapeutic effect of energy healing treatment can help to change physiological and biochemical function of a patient and to promote rehabilitation of body through regulating and changing pathological factors or processes. It is etiological treatment, aimed at eliminating the primary pathogenic factor, and cure from the root.


With a powerful healer, the healing energy can repair one’s physical and mental damage, treat illness, and balance one’s systems. Most of all, a great healer can give you a proper diagnosis and conduct healing through repairing your causal body and bring your autoimmune system back to proper functioning. Hence, one can truly recover from the root cause of the illness. Right diagnosis and treating the illness from the root cause is the fundamental quality of a great healer.


For more information about energy healing or the service of energy healing, please contact Sifu Jenny Lamb at She offers energy healing in person or at a distance. She has helped many people worldwide who have issues that cannot be helped by modern medical science, especially those who have entities, spirit, karmic issues, energy leaking, fatigue and difficult diseases. Testimonies and additional information can be found at the above website.

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