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He Jinghan's site doesn't really work for me often so I included his YouTube channel for Gong Bao Tian lineage Yin style Bagua quan as well.


A fellow that posts on Rum Soaked Fist that is rather knowledgeable.


A Baguazhang school out of Exeter UK's channel.


I really liked this fellow's Taijiquan Foundations series.


This fellow mainly focuses on various Crane styles of kung fu but also other Southern styles as well.


A lot of stuff from Sifu Garry Hearfield's system.


This fellow has some great apps and posts regularly at Rum Soaked Fist.


This channel is mainly devoted to Baji and Pigua.


A very successful "sword" competitor and his excellent videos.


I think this one is mainly geared around Systema.


A great collection of Chinese martial arts videos.


Another great collection of Chinese martial arts videos.

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