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Lindelani Mnisi


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I joined this forum to get stronger and learn new techniques(prefebly teleportation and best way to open my third eye). How does this forum work anyway?


This forum doesnt work - it just is :lol::P:huh:


I have been working on teleportation myself...


In my mind I create this vast landscape... with two mountain a good distance...


now I stand on one peak.. and figure out how to get to the other


the funny thing is... its in my there is no distance really...


all this happens in the singularity of my minds eye... though the distance seems real enough


What is the difference between here and there?


this space between that I have created... flying there is easy...walking there is easy etc... the continuity is so


hmm because I am thinking I am here....If I am here I can not be there...? or can I


So I have to unimagine myself at one peak and imagine myself at the other... though what is the thing between the unimagined and the imagined?


or imagine myself at both peaks first? hmm and decide from there...


but really there is no distance...this I have created...



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