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Just let it flow, there is no purpose to this and there is no good or bad.




The wind blows across the keyboard like a wave of the sun on the clouds

accross into an alien world with buildings that move up and down to create musical sounds that harmonize the universe the leaves are growing and dying at the same time


I am in the now, present and future all in the now, past and future, By I I mean the universe, native american flute sufi travels across the rhinos back wondering up and down inside and outside incomprehensible dimensions that the mind cannot describe because there is no because


there was a wave once who wanted to be a bigger wave but couldnt manage it just depressed himself then he made love to a female wave girl it was like pedopehilia but it was ok because he was having sex with himself


understanding this we understand there is nothing to understand and trying is an illusion of the ego to stay in existence in the span of now exclamation mark black y

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Father Sky get's no respect while world is trapped in Mother's sect

While on Earth we watch the sky wondering why these planets die

Our science can suspect that the world has a secret


There's the Sky the Earth and question Why?

Trying to figure out the cosmos

And learn to fly



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put on the earphone, put on the feng shui, flutes, beautiful, i am the waterfall, i am the tree, i am the flower looking at the grass being eaten by the rabbit


Wow this music is amazing, cant wait to dragon fly, dragon BOOM BOOM BOOM, serious, SERIOUS, SERIOUS, SERIOUS...tupac nigga motherfucker, wants to fuck with me, i am god, who the fuck is scarface gonna goodfella the ghost in the priate ship going into the eye of the other person into the eye of the other person into the eye of the cloud, roaring through the keyboard all taking place in reality thoughts are reality


little fluffy cute bunny rabbits,


drums are good for going to sleep, tip, tip, receieve tips in the hotel, help others i am above, i exist now, who, what what is what

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tiger flying on the screen

flying i post something great

greatness great, great is small, useless is useful

is anything useful

is anything useless

what is that

i dont know

i do know

or do i


oh k kellogs

flowing walk look like im drunk, look like im stoned, only in england though

joyful singing, cat like eyes, am i boasting yeh, what is boasting without modesty

waking up i do not know what i want, what is bad, i do not know what knowing is

only emptiness

nourishment and boobies, protein and dogs hairs together they make up the reality of difference

writing down thoughts, i gets bigger, addiction can be conquered with extreme awareness, edited that i did, is that wrong, well it happened, what is wrong

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There once was a man who was also a chair and also a carpet and also the air but he didnt know it

There once was a man who was only a man, even though all his cells, which we make the point of calling the cells his in language which differentiates seem to die and regrow constantly and he which we make use of language to seperate requires sunlight, food, shelter

without up there is no down

without rock to sit on, you get it, fill in the blanks

blank is to white as dark is to everything

knowledge is an illusion,,,,,,

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