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Different techniques and their benefits / powers

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So there are 1000's of qigong / neigong / meditation / yoga techniques but which one should somebody do? I'm not talking about how they should start off, your opinion of what's best or how famous the technique is. Rather i just want to make available to beginners and experts alike what you have gained from what technique so that if they want to gain a particular benefit or power which way they should go about it. So please share what you've found. Peoples answers can contradict each other because everybody is different so it can effect them differently but i think there will be some sort of pattern.


Here are the techniques i have found most fulfilling. Doing each with very heavy practice gives supernatural effect (thats to say i never had that effect before my qigong experience, everything seems natural after you can do it). Even being in the moment is kinda supernatural, not many people can do it on demand.


Inner smile - Bliss feeling, Loved up, your whole body can have an orgasmic feeling all day in every activity. Negativity in you're thoughts can get swallowed up in the orgasmic feeling so you just don't care about that bad luck you got. But can become a bit floaty and don't worry about stuff that maybe you should. You can also feel your emotions comming before they have surfaced. Also once you can feel/see your own emotions well you can feel/see others too.


Awareness outside type meditations - Get a very keen sense of awareness everywhere around you. Excellent for martial arts type things because you can see whats happening as it's happening. You can start to predict the future because you know whats happening now and know with high probability what will happen next, you've seen it happen like that several times before. The earths beauty also appears


Awareness inside type meditations - Can prevent yourself getting sick. Can feel the very beginnings of any illness before it takes hold. Take medications or do certain qigong exercises to correct your body before illness comes in.


Watching meditation - Kind of like awareness but watching inside and outside, and seeing yourself from up above. Feels like you are out of the situation. Situations can seem less intimidating because 'you' aren't in them, only your body is. Can become disassociated though, can become maybe a little to daring bit like in a computer game when you can just press the new game button.


Vipassana - Very powerful and enjoyable but very boring to begin with. Brings you into the moment.


Change perception - Otis taught me this one. You can change your perception of pain so that it feels good! Good for when you're in pain, but i think it's best to try to correct the problem that is causing the pain. But when it can't be done this is great.


MCO - Just improves health, which can assist any other meditations effectiveness also.


There are as many supernatural powers as there are imagination. You don't need to be able to have flames comming out of your fingers, there are many much more useful super powers. Share something that you thought was genuinely cool the first time you could do it, and which technique you used.

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