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Hey bums,


So I've been around on a few fb groups and forums related to health and spirituality and such, and I've found that there's alot of "dogma" and many interesting topics are prevented from being discussed due to being termed "inappropriate" or against "forum/group rules". In response to this I created a facebook group where we can all discuss things freely (similar to this site) and share experiences/theories/ideas and have construction, uncensored discussions. I'm trying to keep it mainly to health/spirituality, but of course there are no rules. I don't know how many of you even have facebook, but you all certainly have some interesting experiences and ideas and would love to have some of you join. Of course this group will not exclude any opposing sides so be prepared to be challenged, lol.


But again, I'd love to have some of you guys join and share some of your experiences or start up some thought provoking discussions preferably related to health/spirituality, but really anything where truth is concerned. Basically I want this to kinda be a "mosh pit" of ideas and experiences, a place where we can help expose others to certain things and also ourselves be exposed to certain things so we can all mutally grow and learn from eachother and hopefully benefit in some way.


So again, I'd love to have some of you guys on here and bring your perspective, backround, ideas, etc and share them with other interested people, or discuss certain topics of interest. I won't exclude anyone, all are welcome to join. Here's the link.



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