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The Americas Manifesto

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By: A. Southerner


Respect, Honesty, Family, Knowledge, Love, Wisdom, Understanding, Forgiveness. These 8 pillars will stabilize our nations.



Love, Respect and Family go hand in hand.


a.Respect and Love mothers. Any woman should be valued. They have the gift of bringing children into this world, and there is no reason for them to ever be disrespected, or hit. Respect the wisdom of the older women, and the older generations in general.


b.Respect and Love Children. Do not disrespect a child because of their age, protect the children at all costs, and train children to defend themselves. You should treat any child as if it is your own, and you should treat your own children better than whatever you find precious. And keep in mind throughout your child's life "It takes a village to raise a child" and "Walls that keep out danger, also keep out knowledge".


c.Respect and Love your brothers and sisters. Your brother/sister is not an acquaintance, he/she is not a relative, or a friend, you are family. Your brother has no color or race, he/she is are all you have in this world, they have been there for you in every situation. You have your elders but one day they won't be here, you have the next generation but they have their own new problems they will be facing. Love and Respect your Brothers and Sisters, share your understanding with your brothers and sister. If you need help, let your family know.



a.Observation is a part of understanding. Observe the world around you. Do not just accept what you hear, or see. We must make an attempt to understand the world around us. See what is around you. Notice the wind, notice the temprature, notice the clouds, the stars, the grass, the trees. Begin to learn their names, understand where it is they belong in nature and why. Deepin your observation, and begin to see why everything is where it is, and what is is doing, and what other things are doing to and with it and what it is doing to other things.


b.See, hear, taste, touch, smell. To understand something, you must get a sense of it. Experience the senses of yourself, experience the senses of your world, experience the senses of your brothers and sisters in the world. Understand each other, understand everything.


c. Plants don't have words, or sign language. The only way a plant can talk is with its chemicals (ex Poison: Don't touch/eat me) Learn to communicate on a level deeper than speech. If this doesn't make sense, ask a brother or sister to help.


d. Yesterday is not right now, and today is not tomorrow. If you're living for the moment? Then your time is already borrowed.




a. The American economy is in shambles, and therefore the American dollar is in shambles. And to make things worse the American dollar is no longer backed by gold or silver. Meaning "pretty soon" the American dollar will fall below the Mexican peso. We should make a net for the economy, instead of just watching it plummet.

But if we created our own "private" community bank, and printed our own money (not counterfeit, copies of American bills, a brand new dollar.) and either made it on gold/silver coins, or made it where you could come and actually trade the notes for reserves of gold/silver or something else valuable (water, food, fuel, etc) then if and when the American recession reaches its climax, we will be prepared. And actually with a more foolproof economy than the current "no gold" paper dollar.


b. Every member of the Americas needs a job and/or income of some sort for little or no work (depending on health/ability). There are many services that people could pay the government for, that would make the government a truly useful servant entity, that it ignores: Garden tending, Homeless housing, Energy rigging, Biodiesel making, etc. Which are all very simple tasks that could be achieved and bought by the government in any household/yard for a steady income. And the government could then use those things to provide services to the community.

We must show the people in charge how things can change, or we must make the change ourselves, in our own communities.


c. We should make any attempt possible to stop using resources that will be used up, as fuel, and start using things that can be renewed forever, and therefore used forever. As well as use fibers that are more resilient (than cotton, nylon, etc), last longer, and protect us better. To make things like better clothes, and stronger building materials from.




a. Give back to the community, never forget where you came from and who your family is. If people in your neighborhood/state don't have money for Christmas/Hanuka/Kwanzaa, bring it to them. If someone is hungry, feed them. If someone has no bed, give them a place to sleep. Do not steal from your brothers and sisters, share with your brothers and sisters.


b. Respect the education of any (respectful) community member that has/does serve(d) in the armed forces, politics, law or government. And remember if you gain power as an officer, official, etc that you came from the community, and are still a part of it. You are there to represent, protect, and serve your community or nation, not to prey upon the citizens of it.


c.Register yourself to vote, and help register anyone in your community to vote. Only about 48% of registered voters (And only about 50% of America is registered) actually turn up to vote, if we can get all nonvoters to write a name in, we can actually get someone good in office.


d.We should intend on unlatching ourselves from the ways of the failing system. There should be true democracy, and true equality. Any person, and any voicefully willing child should be allowed to vote, make decisions in the community, see and learn from the consequences of those decisions. The political system should be more streamlined and responsive to the needs of all the people regardless of age, sex, or race We can not have complete peace until we leave no question of oppression, and revolution. To suppress the mind of a child from the world, simply for being the mind of a child is wrong. Same with any other person, race or species on this planet.


e. Create non-profit services such as churches and shelters, if you can be certified as non-profit you are probably doing something right. Apply for a Township if you have the land, or enough people in your community with deeds that want to make a difference.


f.Work together, organize. When individual organs work together as one body, they can get more done than they could ever imagine alone. Share in each others wisdom, knowledge, and understandings.

But do not impose yourself on another, let everyone be their own person. You control your own future.


g. Victimless offenders need to be released from prison. People who stole nothing, left no debts unpaid, hurt no one, and threatened no harm, should not be imprisoned.


h. No hard drugs. It's ok to drink, it's ok to ingest plants (Coffee, Tobacco, Chocolate, Marijuana, etc) , it's ok to expand your mind. But do not use or get it physically addicted to a drug. There is no positives to addiction, even if you feel like their on top of the world, you will come down. Painkillers and anesthetics have their place in medicine, don't abuse them.

And do not distribute (sell) hard drugs throughout your community. To gain from the addiction of the community, hurts you and everyone.


i. Help a struggling brother, sister, elder, or child. Do not ignore, use or find humor in their struggle. Including court, show up for your family, even if they are wrong.


j. If the people making the rules, and running our world made the exact same amount of money as the lowest person they had jurisdiction over, the world would get better for the oppressed, real quick


k. We need a program of ecological development that would provide incentives for the decentralization of crowded cities and encourage rural living.


5. Education

Much of your education as a child and as an adult, should come from the direct situations occurring in your community, or nation at that time. If we do not learn what the problems are, how they happened, what has been happening around them, who we are, and where we come from, how can we ever expect to solve those problems?

Share your education with your brothers and sisters.


a. Learn who your appointed and elected representatives are, and learn what/who they are representing and/or getting paid by, and who their families are. Make decisions at election time based on education and understanding, even if that decision is chaotic to the system (like voting for Elvis). And learn how that system works, like what powers are awarded to which titles.


b. Know the history of your state. Who it was founded by, what was done to found it, when, with what reason, etc. Also study the history of your states high courts, the specific cases and rulings.


c. Study the philosophies of the world. Even if you just study the main three philosophers Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. Educate yourself about the world around you.


d. Learn the law. Learn the legal definitions of words with a Black's Law dictionary, there are many words that are different in there, than in common American English. Understand the difference between Constitutional "Law", US "Code", and agency "Regulations" when debating the finer points of law.


e. Understand time, how our calendar was made, what other calendars there are, and what an "age" is. Understand "quality of time", Kairos ("real" time), and Chronos ("timed" time. With measurements like minutes or seconds). Understand how to use kairos time (the fleeting moment), and free yourself with this understanding.


f. Immerse yourself in new cultures. By traveling, and by simply reaching out in your community. There is much you can learn, even from an "uneducated" tribesman.


g. Educate yourself in as much medical aid as your time and mind will allow, you never know when you could save your brother, sister, or child's life.


h. Do not "specialize", you may be very talented in one area, but life will demand more from you at some point. You never want to wake up one day and feel like you have "peaked", let age bring wisdom and wealth of life, not personal imprisonment. Become skilled in many things.


i. Read the Bible, Torah, Qur'an, Rig Veda, and any religious text you can find. Especially if you personally call any of them Holy.


j. Write your own literature. Flyers, brochures, books, anything. Share your thoughts, share current events, share anything. The circulation of information is one of the most important/powerful things in the word.


6. The Beginning


a.Several smaller sections will be written separately as new wisdom and knowledge is gained.


b.Share these thoughts freely, and if you feel like you can add to them to make them better, do so with bullet points under the appropriate letter (a,b,c) Or a new letter if necessary (a whole new subject). If you would like to edit the words, contact me.


c. Each person or animal on the planet, is like the molecules of an organ of a cell in your body in your body. It contributes to:

Each group of animals (family, pack, organization) is the organ of the cell. With the molecules coming together to be the organs. The organs work together to be:

Ecosystems are like the cell. All of the organs do their part and come together to create a living, active cell. The cells work together to make:

The Planets and stars together make up the tissue of the cell. The tissue comes together to form the:

Solar systems are like the Organs in a body of god. Everything from the tiniest insect has done his part within his piece of god, and it all rushes like a reverse funnel as the actions of gods:

Galaxies are like gods organ systems. His Respiratory System, Circulatory system. Not actually the same as us, but ours represent his. "We have been created in gods image" Just means, "think about it, we're god." Everything that happens has cause and effect, and comes together to be "gods plan".

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even the buddha said "do not trust these words merely because I have said it, verify for yourself"


or something close :D

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Why emphasise respect of women ahead of men? Is yin more worthy of respect than yang


Just throwing this out there, perhaps because it is in yin's nature to need more conscious respect while with yang it is more immediately apparent.

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Why do you want to back money with a nonrenewable resource (gold and silver)? Mostly mined by underpaid workers living under poor conditions in oppressive societies.

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Why emphasise respect of women ahead of men? Is yin more worthy of respect than yang



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