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It won't let me start a topic in another area, so I'll add here :D


I'm going to create an adventure for my children/grandchildren/great grandchildren/etc to go on.


At first it will be like "Care packages" and "Treasure boxes" being buried/placed/sunk/etc around the globe, as I travel. To save just in case...


But then eventually, once everything is stable, I will start leaving things with clues, and leave trails, and riddles, and landmarks, and all kinds of shit...


Then make TONS of maps, and some family heirlooms (rings, belt buckles, books, etc) pass them down for generations, and I'll leave codes, or riddles.

And the riddles will go along with the maps. Then depending on how many are kept, and how many people pay close attention, it could take 10-1000 years for a family member, or some RANDOM person to stumble on the clues (or enough clues to get started).




And some pretty cool stuff/secrets/items can be left. Like a...Time capsule..But, bigger, and MUCH cooler


Maybe even try to get other families involved, so our ancestors can tell stories to each other, about their fathers/grandfathers/Great Grandfathers/etc

Like everyone could TELL their kids about the other people, and tell them they may meet the other ones one day, and what they may want to hear about




Like I REALLY want to leave my family an adventure full of secrets, random treasures, and old family friends

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