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Raising the bar.

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Talk about a person then it becomes personal. Comments should only be directed towards the words or statement, not the person. Considering this is called a taoist forums makes it even more fitting to follow the "non-personal", discussion. I think it would be proper to understand that the focus of the topic is conducted at the data and statements being presented, not the presenter. When the words are being directed at a person that is conversing it becomes personal and it is also off topic.


Non-personal is the only way to have a proper intellectual discussion.


These are subtle differences that I think many could do better to understand, it would really raise the bar and produce more relevant and intelligent conversations on the subject matter or topic, while nipping off insults at the root before they can take hold and manifest into a full fledged ego battle.


I will refuse to take part in such games and will point it out when I notice it, until it becomes clear.


It should be known that personal experiences are subjected to subjectivity upon articulation. Experiences are not opinions or something you think and definitely not about someone else, unless that experience remains contained within a certain structure. The experience is about the one experiencing.


(If it is about someone you are conversing with in person then it can be an experience when you are within the presence. It still only says about that subjected articulation of the experience from the point of view the experiencing. )

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