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is technology creating hermits?

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laugh.gifsmile.gif what a wonderful tool the internet is, cell phones, texting, nooks, these websites we enjoy to frequent.

and how it enables us to exchange ideas freely , and in my case with the hope of finding a better understanding to taoist arts for example.

i changed my avatar to a pirate to show support for freedom of the internet. free from government censorship. i am anti sopa.

i am not a hermit even if i do spend much time in nature foraging herbs, barks, berries, nuts, mushrooms,

i enjoy the quiet time and solitary time i experience there when i venture into the woods alone. but it is much more enjoyable in the company of others. i often invite , even some of you bums i have not met in person to come visit to go out into some old growth forest or some place not so wild. to share some tea or qigong, tai chi , or hopefully even some baguazhang or maybe some healing arts. there are very few that

would actually take the effort to meet up. and this is understandable due to peoples busy schedules.

biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif i do enjoy to visit this website. it is one of my most favorite of all. there are some herbal sites i also love.

it gives me great pleasure and joy to exchange ideas with all bums. those times where it seems i may be disagreeing or strongly objecting to some other bum's view. it really is not the case at all. i am just trying to peel the onion to a more inner layer or digging deeper into the subject.

as an obvious example a recent exchange between myself and Vmarco about pit bulls. i totally respect Vmarco's views and experience and insight on this or any subject. i was seeking to deepen my understanding of someone elses viewpoints. and try to give a deeper expression of my view. i would like for example to exchange ideas with him about light as he has some very interesting views about this but with the state of exchange commonly used here on TTB should it be started in the pit? huh.gif


for me it is facial expression and body language that expresses more than any words could do.

even then ambiguity still exists.

and there is no real way to see the others facial or body language on this site , we can insert an emoticon.

but can we know if this is the true facial expression of the sender? sleep.gif


it is like we all have some disorder here that hinders us from recognizing the signals that could only come from a face to face meeting. this is a big restricting factor imo to this type of exchange.

attempts at a warm friendly humor are sometimes recieved as cold and contrived. we have folks from different countries with different native languages. some cultures do not think it is good to show expression as much as other cultures. so , really i think it is remarkable that we all do coexist as peacefully as we do (some of the time at leasttongue.gif ) it makes me think that yes this is the place where we can magically all meet and just be relaxed and comfortable , let down our walls, and mingle freely without much concern about being misunderstood or misunderstanding others as this will be most likely a common feature here. continued questions and exchanges will likely work thru that.


i am not the most adept tech savvie nerd who prefers technological means to express myself , yet here i am participating in it. but just so you know i am almost always smiling, spontaneous laughter happens for me on occasion. i must be some sort of pre-historic cave man loonielaugh.gif who tries to send friendly warmth

vibes or energy your way. sometimes i am just wonderfully and totally ridiculous. i am never mean spirited

and i never consider any bum to be that .


if it seems i am strongly dis-agreeing with some of your posts, think again. i just seek further understanding.

i realize that probably none of this made any sense. but this thread will soon vanish into obscurity anyways.


sometimes technology does get in the way. and it has the potential to create a new class of hermits.

just becoz drones will soon be flying overhead watching our every movements (as if sattelites were not already) does not keep us from falling further into this new class of hermit.


and as i previewed this post , i was informed that i had posted more images than i was allowed to. so with that in mind and as a final reminder i am here smiling. i consider it a wonderful privelege to be able to exchange ideas , light and deeper with all you bums. the images were emoticons btw

and they were all either smiling or laughing .laughing at myself really.

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City walls we build so tall, they can provide security

Can't breath but never mind, let's go outside

Thin cracks show light just barely

But if I could expand my world, I would tonight

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